Croatian Migration Has Begun!

Croatian Migration Has Begun!

Equipment Distribution

Wow what a busy time since our return home from our Spring MLO in March. Been busy packing for Iceland, Turkey and Nigeria as well as collecting from several high schools, church and little leagues across Houston. The equipment continues to go out across the world and God continues to replenish it every time! Blessed to witness this every time something is requested and shipped out, someone calls and asks us to come pick up more gear. 

For the past month we had a young Croatian visitor, Nedo, staying with us and participating in football workouts for the NFL scouts, as well as learning more and more about training athletes, while interning at PLEX Athletic Complex in Stafford. It was such a pleasure to have him here and to watch him grow spiritually, participating in one on one Bible Study as well as coming to many of the Bible Studies I participate in and lead across the city; but also physically as he was able to improve in all aspects of his speed and agility and was able to perform personal bests in most of the drills. Nedo is a part of our Moss family and the extended HiS PRINT family and will always have a place here.

Croatian Migration Has Arrived!

Almost 50 Croatians have arrived safely in Houston last night and after over 2 hours in customs line, we got them safely off to their host homes for a good night sleep through the thunderstorms rumbling across the city! After a year of planning and putting the activities together, the time is here! We starts today with a trip to NASA followed by an evening of shopping and eating at a local outdoor mall!

We are excited about this wonderful opportunity to love them where they are and love them till they ask why through playing baseball, practicing with a local university team, visiting historical and entertainment sights as well as enjoying an Easter picnic with them. Thanks for all your support and prayers. Please pray for protection as we travel around the city and for health and safety in all the activities we will be involved in!