March MLO Day 1: Do You Believe?

There are thirteen HiS PRINT Team members on the ground presently in Sisak, Croatia and nine more on the way over the next 72 hours.  The team is coming together to help administer His plan over the next ten days in six different ministry opportunities! God put together a team of warriors including coaches, teachers, college professors, business owners, businessmen and athletic trainers from Texas, California, Wisconsin and Germany all with one common denominator: Jesus Christ and His call to come alongside HiS PRINT and share His love!

On Friday evening we welcomed 58 coaches from across the Balkans and are expecting 12 more to join us this morning for this weekend's first ever Extra Point Football Coaches Clinic! With these 70 coaches and our 10 coaches and presenters, this one of the largest football coach clinics held in Eastern Europe and the largest in the history of the Balkans! The first night registration and activities were a great success. Rebecca Johnstone and Lisa Norman were spectacular in handling the mass registration and making the coaches feel at home. We are excited about the full day of activities and events in the coming days! 

I wish I had the time (and you had the energy) to share with you how God brought this team together and the different walks of life each of them represent, but that would take up several chapters in a novel and you have a lot more important things to do. I can tell you this as I lay here on a mattress in the Upper Room at HiS HOUSE:  this All-Star Team He placed together couldn’t be more perfect and loving! Witnessing the hearts of our 13 team members who are currently on the ground (including 7 who are brand new to HiS PRINT and Croatia) has brought me to tears and blessed me beyond measure! 

Please pray for day two of the clinic; the safe travels of the other 9 members of HiS PRINT that will be arriving over the next several days; the blessing of the arrival of the 40 foot shipment container, and although we have several items missing or misplaced we know God will use the 14,000 pounds of equipment to spread His love and bring people to ask the question why!
HE DID IT! And we are here To Do IT for His honor and glory! Thank you for your prayers and support!  I would like to leave you with one last item to consider. We provided this clinic for the coaches at the cost of 15 Euros per person including the clinic participation, lodging and all meals.  This price made it affordable for the coaches to participate, blessing each of them but not nearly covering the costs incurred to host this event. If any of you would like to help support and scholarship this clinic, that would help us provide the food, housing, equipment, conference hall and gym rentals. We could sure use the support! Please pray and if God lays on your heart to support we could use the help! 

You are such a blessing for your continued support. Your provision of prayer support allows us to do, be and go where He has placed us! Remember Jesus loves you and so do I!