Croatia Winter 2015 Day 4 (March 2)

Prayers are being answered and God is opening doors left and right and we are walking through them with His angels by our side and His Spirit around our little letter i's.  Today was full of meetings from sun up to sun down with a dinner to top it all off! Tomorrow is much of the same and we are walking in awe of His power and strength to open doors, many of which we never knew existed.

This morning we started with a meeting with the Milan, CEO of Applied Ceremics and Kruna, Director of Entrepreneurial Incubator, here in Sisak. Milan is a young CEO who runs a US based company that manufactures ceramics for computer conductors. (Or something like that!) He was willing to spend his entire morning showing us around every department from start to finish as well as giving us a history of the company and how he got involved. Kruna is the Director of Entrepreneurial Incubator that is designed to get young people to think "outside the box" and go through training to create start-up businesses. Both of them spent the entire morning showing us and sharing with us their vision and then spent the next hour watching our presentation on the desire to use HiS PRINT and Venntis to create job possibilities in Sisak. Their attention to the vision was so incredible and their interest was to help us in any way moving forward. They even knew about the Storks and our involvement with them and may sponsor them in the future. In addition, they also gave us information on shipping and receiving that will help us with sending our shipment of the baseball and football equipment! We couldn't have been happier with the outcome and were so thankful for God using one of our young disciples to set it up. (Lordan is a young man who has started his own company and was mentored by one of our HiS PRINT members, Rusty Brooks.  Recently Joe has helped him in formulating business strategies. Lordan lined up the meetings and Joe and I were so impressed by their openness and receptiveness.)

After the meeting we had to get back to HiS HOUSE to pick up Dino and take him to the bus station on our way to a meeting with KPMG we had scheduled for 2:30. Due to traffic and the lateness of our arrival I had to let Joe and Lordan off to go to the meeting and I proceeded to take Dino to the bus station so that he could catch a bus home! The meeting lasted a little over an hour and Joe came out with a lot of contacts for future reference and some questions answered concerning business start ups in Croatia! God really orchestrated a perfect melody that His angels directed and sang! We could not be happier with the outcomes and the answer to many questions we had concerning the future and the possibility of bringing commerce to Sisak, Croatia!

After the meeting Joe and I went to the gym and watched the young players of the Storks practice and I actually got out and taught a few drills. It is very exciting to see the young players and their desire to learn. While Joe and I were out and about, Sis got a lot accomplished by meeting with Stana and discussing the program for the Assisted Living Facility and then met with the two librarians of the children's libraries and figured out the program for the summer! A lot of things were accomplished and preparations for this summer's Mission Learning Opportunity are really coming together.

Another busy day is on tap for tomorrow and I need to get some form of sleep! I will say we topped the entire day off with a wonderful evening out at Neven's, captain of the Sisak Storks, with his family over a terrific dinner of lasagna, cooked by Neven himself. It was a great time and we love spending time with his wife, Maja and their two children Leo and Vicky!

Blessings to you all and have a wonderful God filled day!