Croatia Winter 2015 Day 6 (March 4)


Have you ever had something happen to you that was so great you almost had to pinch yourself to make sure you were not dreaming? Okay, none of us have done that, but we have all heard the saying! Well, I feel as if I must pinch myself every half hour or so to make sure this paved pathway God is taking us on, is for real! This day was much like the others, with an even bigger blessing than we had already received from the events from yesterday and previous days as well.

Before getting into today I must share the experience we had at the Blind Association and also the Handicap Facility, which was yesterday afternoon. The reception Sis received when we first walked into the Handicap Facility was an absolute blessing. Joe and I were walking in with royalty and the smiles on each of their faces and the hugs they gave her were priceless! This was the first time I had the pleasure of going to meet them and see all that Sis and the many others had done over these past 3 years to encourage and love on these women. The love and admiration they showed Sis went beyond words.   To describe the love they had for HiS PRINT and those we have been able to bring with us to work with them year after year is incredible! God is really easing many of those ladies' suffering and pain through the craft activities we do with them. We also received a hero's welcome at the Blind Association and we had never had the opportunity to spend any time with them. This was the first I had heard of them and they were so receptive to having us come this summer to play, sing and have fellowship time with them. All three of us were asked to play darts with them with blind folds on and what a challenge that was. We had so much fun and gave us an appreciation for the eyesight we are blessed to have. After playing several rounds and barely hitting the target, we were entertained by a young man who has been blind since birth and plays the accordion like none other! He also sang and both were absolutely terrific. As we were preparing to leave, the President, Danko, asked me to pray! That was such a blessed time to spend with them and we have them included in our schedule this summer to do some crafts and play games. Sis has her work cut out this summer in trying to keep all these community service projects coordinated.

On to today:  it started out with a bang and ended with big fireworks display! Joe and I had a meeting at the U.S. Embassy at 11:30 to meet the United States Ambassador, Mr. Kenneth Merdek.  What we thought was going to be a 5 minute picture opportunity with him turned out to be an hour and half sharing time, with his administrative assistant stepping in and telling him he had a call and before his next meeting. I had the chance to share about HiS PRINT because the ambassador asked why Croatia and Sisak? After my explanation and description of what we have been doing for the past 10 years, he told us he was glad we were going to that interior part of Croatia. Sisak is in a part of Croatia that not many people want to go and help. The coastal area is where most visitors go, and it is hard to get anyone interested in the inland area. The Ambassador shared some business information about trying to regulate local business principles and ethics so that U.S. companies would be more interested in coming to Croatia. Well as you can imagine, Joe and I about fell out of our chairs because that was one of the biggest reasons for this trip! We were, in fact, trying to research and understand how someone opens up a business here!  Joe walked right through the opening and shared the Venntis lighting idea of bringing business into Croatia that would not only help Croatia but the also the potential of meeting needs all over the Balkans and Eastern Europe. With open ears the Ambassador listened to us and when there was a knock on the door to let him know of his next appointment, he asked us to reach out through email to continue the conversation. God is paving the way and we are just walking through, hanging onto the hem of His robe for dear life!

Well, we had three more meetings with different folks, two of which were brothers and sisters from two Baptists churchs in the area, but since it is almost 2 o'clock in the morning and we leave for the airport at 5:30 I need to get to bed for a short two and half hour nap. I will update you tomorrow at some point, maybe from 35,000 feet to let you know more about those meetings, but in the meantime please keep us in your prayers as we fly back tomorrow!

Remember that Jesus loves you and so do I!