2020 Blog 10

Wasn’t sure how to share this with you all, but felt it needed to be shared, something that me and my sister and two brothers are extremely proud of. 
This past Monday, August 24 our parents, Charles and Cora Moss, celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary! Yeah you read that correctly, 72 years of marriage. Since my folks live in Indiana near my older brother and we have recently had to move them into a full time care facility, most of the family was not able to celebrate this wonderful event with them. My Pop is 91 and in failing health. Pop has recently suffered some small strokes and is living in the hospital area during rehab, while mom is living in their small apartment. Because of this, they have not been able to spend much time together. But on this special day the staff bought flowers, decorated the chapel and wheeled Pop down to visit with Mom to celebrate their 72 years together. Although saddened that I was not able to attend, I was blessed immeasurably by the pictures taken and hearing that my brother and his son were allowed to be with them as well.

It was 14 years ago, in 2006, that HiS PRINT took its first trek overseas to Croatia on a mission trip. On that trip, I was joined by my Pop, who was 77 years young. It was a blessing for the both of us to serve God over there and to spend those two weeks together, walking the streets of Sisak and sharing the gospel through baseball camp and English class. I remember while we were there, Pop mentioned how much he missed his bride and that he hated not being there for their anniversary. That trip was the only time, in 72 years of marriage, that my folks were not together and knowing they were able to be together this past Monday touched my heart deeply. My mom and pop have been a great influence on my life and their marriage has been an example for me and bride to follow in our 30 years of marriage. The pictures below are from that first year we took that mission trip and had the time of our lives serving God together.

God bless each of you and have a wonderful, God-filled week.



  1. Hi David,
    it's very nice what you wrote. I am thankful to God for your parents who are a good example in your life.

    God's blessing!


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