Summer 2020 Blog 9

Coach Antonio Poljak

Sisak, Croatia

The HiS PRINT family, and me personally, are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear brother Coach Antonio Poljak in Sisak, Croatia. For several years, Coach Antonio served the ministry of HiS PRINT as our local in-country coach and the coach of the Sisak Storks Little League baseball team. Coach Antonio also served as our Croatia Warehouse Manager and shipping operator. He held that position until the middle of 2019. We would not have been able to help the thousands across The Balkans and Eastern Europe without Coach Antonio's hard work and organization. He was dedicated to everything he did and led with a servant's heart that was unmatched. 
Coach Antonio served his country in war during the early 90's and was called into duty to serve with the Croatian army in Afghanistan for several months in 2009-10. He and his wife Tanja have two children: a daughter Ejla (22) and a son Borna (18.) Antonio walked this earth for 52 years and was taken home on July 31st. I will forever miss Coach Antonio, but I am blessed and look forward to playing a game of catch in Heaven when the Good Lord decides to take me home. Coach gave his life to Christ two years ago, and he had asked me to baptize him when I returned to Croatia this summer.  The COVID-19 virus prevented my travel and I was not able to baptize Coach Antonio, but I know that today he is wearing his Jesus Jersey in heaven and is asking everyone to throw him some batting practice. 
HiS PRINT Ministries has established a Coach Antonio Memorial Fund for those who would like to honor him by supporting the ministry. We will use these funds to help Coach Antonio's family, provide a Coach Scholarship Fund to bring Croatian coaches to visit the United States, fund field improvements at The NEST in Sisak, and other areas of general need. HiS PRINT has built our ministry on loving people where they are and loving them 'till they ask why; sometimes that has to be done from 6,000 miles away.

Husband, Father, Coach, Friend and Brother. One of the biggest servant's hearts that I have ever witnessed. Coach Antonio Poljak from Sisak Croatia; you will be missed and forever loved.  We are blessed beyond measure to have you a part of the HiS PRINT Family for Eternity! I know you are wearing your Jesus Jersey and asking all those in Heaven to play catch and throw you some batting practice. Keep home plate dusted off till we meet again! 

Love you Coach! 

God bless each of you and have a wonderful, God-filled week.



  1. Yes he will be missed and forever loved!
    Many will follow him...He DID IT!
    God's blessing!


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