2019 Summer MLO Blog 20

Poland Camp (Coach Robert)

We often share our MLO experiences from the perspective of our team members, but today we would like to share a wonderful letter we received from Coach Robert in Poland.  Thank you for your continued prayers, gifts of equipment and financial support!

Remember God Loves You, and so do I!
Dear Friends and Brothers in HiS Print,

Thank you vey much for another trip to Poland. It was another chance for us to share beloved sports but most of all the friendship and love of Jesus through HiS Print Family. It was also another possibility for the local society to meet different culture. The camp was great. We had 25 players of different ages and a group of 13 kids from nearby area who took part in English Classes. The English Classes, according to the parents of the kids, were a wonderful time for the kids and provided the chance to use English for those not involved in baseball or softball.

Thank you for the equipment you brought to Poland . It will help us to improve our sports skills. Thank you for the sweets and candies you brought - a piece of America, sth different from what we have here.

Thank you for wonderful coaches who always have open hearts for us and always share HiS word with us. Your friendship means a lot for us and is something we await every year. I would like to invite you to come to Poland also next year in 2020. If you want to come back here and have a chance to do it, we will be willing to host you. Maybe we could make the camp bigger and add the library program with art and crafts classes. Also English Classes for the kids and (maybe for adults) and baseball/softball program. The library is about 3 minute walk from the school where we stayed this year and there is a huge room that could fit many kids.

I hope the youngest member of this year Polish mission, Cooper, liked Poland and you also liked the kayak/canoe trip on the Drwęca River.

Monika, Tony and I are coming to Croatia on July 27, that is the plan. We are going to cheer for the Polish U16 National Team with our daughter Nelka on board. I will write about it in another email.

It would be great if I could look at the equipment that is still there, maybe I could find something we still need. For sure we need more rubber machine balls, baseballs and softballs. Maybe some more pants for the kids.

Thank you one more time. Remeber, Jesus loves you. So do we.

Take care guys, safe travels to the US. Say Hello to all who did not come this year, share our hugs, kisses, greetings.

Coach Robert