2019 Summer MLO Blog 18

Food Pantry
(Bobby Dunlap)

This year’s food pantry support was such a blessing.  We visited 5 families and were able to provide much needed food, hygiene products and clothes. We also gave the kids some toys which was a joy to watch their eyes light up.  
As we do every year, we took a group of the HiS Print team to the local store to do the shopping. The looks we get as we roll up to the cashier with 4 big shopping carts full is always priceless!  Once back at HiS House we sort the items and prepare for delivery.  
On Tuesday we visited two families. The first was an older lady who has lost her husband and has no family support. She also is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s. As with each family, the tears in their eyes is both heartbreaking and rewarding at the same time. 
The next family was recently impacted by a major thunderstorm that had severely damaged their roof. A few members of their family suffer from mental disabilities preventing them from obtaining employment and the family is in desperate need of support. They had a few kids there who loved the toys. The father was very interested in showing off their family’s heirloom dress which was over 110 years old. Again, their appreciation was a true blessing to us. 
The next day we visited three families. The first one was a lady HiS Print had visited before. This lady was such a blessing and light to our group! One of the sweetest ladies I have ever met! She is physically unable to leave her place and has very little help. She also recently lost her son unexpectedly to a stroke stemming from a surgery he had on his broken leg. Her tears were contagious and we all left there not wanting to go! 
The second family was a haul to reach. We were about 10 minutes shy of the Bosnian border. The father’s daughter suffers from mental disorders which prevents him from leaving her alone. He has also recently lost his wife to cancer and is struggling to support their family as they live so far from any source of income.  
The last house we visited was a family that recently lost their father. The mother is working two jobs to support her family but makes very little income to support her 3 kids.  The oldest daughter was telling us she had to drop out of her gymnastics program so she can watch her siblings so the family doesn’t go further into debt. It was heartbreaking but watching her with the brother and sister was priceless. The mother was actually not even there as she had to work. 
I think the most powerful testimony from this experience is the fact that at each house we were able to pray over each of these families. We were able to tell them why we do what we do at HiS Print Ministries and share the love our God has for us with them.

He did it for us, Let’s do it for them!