Hello Folks,

Needed to share a couple of thank you's with you! This is what your support has allowed us to continue to do around the globe! Know that your support has expanded His love from Portugal to Bosnia. We have also recently sent shipments to Iceland and Peru, so be ready for some more heartfelt thanks from those who have received! This allows us to love them where they are and when they receive, they always ask why! 

This first one is from a young missionary I met in Bosnia this summer and gave him some football gear to help start a youth football team:

Hey David,
I’ve started our flag football club at the local school in our area. To build excitement, we plan to take the kids to watch the “big boys” play. It was a blast to spend the day with the Sarajevo Spartans on a road trip to Croatia for their match. I thought you might enjoy sharing the pics. - Jeremy Greenwich, American Missionary in Sarajevo, Bosnia

This second one is from a dear friend and brother in Christ who is sharing Christ's love in his home country:

From Pedro in Portugal:  Once again David and His Print.....thank you for being available to be led by God. It's having its fruits here in Portugal!

He Did It!
Let's Do It!