Nigeria Day 2

We made it safely to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, Saturday evening! The greeting at the airport from Temitayo ("Pappa T") and Yakubu was so uplifting. Their smiles and joyful eyes made us feel at home and reassured us that we are where God wants us! 
Our hosts Yakuju (left) and Temitayo (right.)  Our new brothers in Christ!

Temitayo sent out this tweet when we got to the hotel Saturday night

We spent Sunday traveling from Abuja to the city of Ilorin where Temitayo lives and has his academy. Here is just a small glimpse of the day: 

After a great morning of devotions together and time of prayer, Joe, Brandon and I spent some time taking about first impressions and asking why we are here. We all agreed that we felt God's hand in this, "protection-to-direction"; that we felt God was totally and completely behind and in front of our being here! We sense His presence from each of our brides being comfortable with us coming, from our complete faith in all the arrangements being handled by someone I had only met through the internet, and from our sense of the Holy Spirit's presence around us from the moment we landed on the ground on African soil! 

Airport in Ilorin

We had a major delay to start the travel part of our day!  We missed our flight because of horrible traffic, and then our second plane was late to arrive because of bad weather! Needless to say it was a full day of travel, but the greeting and arrival in Ilorin was all worth it! Although it is often hard to take and sit back while others do the lifting of bags and handle all arrangements, it was a blessing all the same! Our luggage arrived with us and was cared for by a contingency of people who were there to take care of us. After loading up three vehicles, we were escorted across the city by the police and zipped across the city to the government chalet where we are staying. Wow! That is really about the only word I can use to describe it! Police escort, security detail and staying at the government-compound in complete style! Actually, let me use another word:  "Overwhelmingly-Undeserved!" We are blessedly appreciative!

Police escort.  Crazy!  We have a Great God!

Super Joe with Coach Joseph

Sitting area in the government chalet

Where God is going to take this, only He knows, but we know He has us and we are hanging onto His robe knowing that is the safest place possible! I was reminded of what Oswald Chamber in My Utmost for HiS Highest said on the first day of our MLO, “We give credit to human wisdom, when we should give credit to the Divine guidance of God through childlike people who are foolish enough to trusts God’s wisdom and the supernatural equipment of God!” 

Thank you for your support and prayers! They are greatly needed, appreciated and a blessing!

Let's Do It!