Spring 2020 Blog: May

Hello there! 
Where do you start? So much has happened since my last blog in April, but also very little (we all know what I am talking about there with COVID-19.) So much has changed and so much is unknown. Questions arise as to what the new normal will be and will hugs and handshakes be outlawed or carry a fine with them. One thing we are taught in scripture is that we are not to worry and to lay everything with and before Him. In Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus tells us to not worry about our life, what we will eat or drink or what we will wear. God knows, provides and protects. We are not to worry about tomorrow, because each day has enough trouble on its own. That doesn't say we are not to plan for tomorrow, we should and that is time well spent, but never to worry about it. Then in Matthew 11:28-30, Jesus tells those who are weary and need rest are to come and lay all those cares with Him and He will give us rest. To sit and listen to His kind and humble heart and we will find rest. For His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Jesus is telling us to give all our cares to Him and those cares that have become burdens, will become His as we get yoked equally with Him and He bears the workload. What a promise and may we each practice those every day! 
Well, even though we have had to create social distancing and stay at home with all the virus threat and scare around us, we have been busy with so many things and new ideas to minister have surfaced. We are still able to send out several shipments to Kazakhstan and one to Estonia for some American football teams in those countries.   
Shipment to Estonia
Shipment to Kazakhstan to help two teams
Pallet shelving donated by Shelving Concepts
What a blessing and relief it is to walk in the warehouse and not get overwhelmed by all the equipment, piled without any way to organize. The donation of shelving has allowed us to organize the warehouse, store more equipment, and track the donations as they come in and out of the warehouse.

God has sent us over 100,000 pounds of equipment that we have shipped to over 30 countries.  We look forward to where God will have us ship next!
Wareouse before the pallet shelving & reorganizing
Wareouse before the pallet shelving & reorganizing
Warehouse after clean-up!

Soul Medicine

As we figure out next steps in the days and weeks to come, we can't forget what needs to be done today and the realization God will open doors to minister today, if we pray and ask Him to reveal and reveal He did. Today marks the 53rd day of doing Soul Medicine, a Bible Reading Podcast, where I pick a short passage of scripture to read and then give a short devotion on it. This has been such a growing experience for me and I have heard from several of you both locally here in the US as well as overseas who listen to them.

There are many ways to listen to the podcasts:
My home office where God and I spend the time every morning doing Soul Medicine. What a huge blessing this has been for me. Hope you can tune in once in awhile and enjoy as well. 


Let me close with the reminder to pray, pray and pray. In everything we do, prayer is a huge part of it. Praying In before we start a meeting, conversation or work detail and concluding the event or meeting with a Prayer Out. Institute prayer in everything you do and watch what God will do through you.  
The WoW Brothers Bible Study group gathered around a small pond on the HiS PRINT Property called HiS PLACE. Memorable moments together and especially with Him. 

Pallet Shelving Delivery Day

Below is a short video that shows the work detail that was involved when the pallet shelving was delivered and the blessing of over 20 people coming to help to put it up. It also shows several others who helped organize and inventory some recent donations we received.

Have a wonderful God filled day!