2019 Winter Blog 2

Winter 2019 Blog 2

He is the Reason for the Season! We have heard that said many times and I wholeheartedly agree with it, but our actions and behavior don’t always come in agreement with it. Take for instance the pressure many of us feel to get the right gift or be at all the places we need to be and still have to do the everyday things in life, we already struggle with throughout the year. Where is Christ in that? The actual word Christmas is a reminder to us to desire more Christ! ChristMas, ChristMore! And if you're out and about and someone says Happy Holidays, so that they are politically correct, turn back to them and say Happy HolyDays! Let’s give the Reason for the Season its Due and give Christ the acknowledgement He deserves. And when you are Struggling with the Juggling, let them fall into Jesus’ lap! He will handle them all with care and hand you the one thing He desires for you to take care of and focus on! To help you remember, think of the G.G. when you find yourself juggling! Give God what you're dealing with and He will handle the rest! Let’s Live ChristMore throughout the year! 
Look up and remain vertical looking at Jesus and laying it all at His feet.
Merry Christmas!

2019 Gifts

Some really neat things have happened over the past several weeks and I wanted to share the blessings with you. As we head into the end of the year and close 2019, we reflect back on the many sports gear donations, the financial gifts that allowed us to do the ministry, the land that was gifted to us, and two recent gifts of equipment (a fork lift and pallet shelving) that will allow us to do HiS Work here locally in our new home in Texas.
We were blessed by Robin and Wayne Zielke and their gift of a fork lift for the His Print future warehouse. This is a huge blessing and will allow us to maneuver all the gear that is donated so that we can pack it and ship it off to destinations across the globe. 
We also received a faithful gift of pallet shelving from a dear brother and his family. The Amoruso’s have a shelving company and have some used pallets that they would like to donate to HiS PRINT, to be used both locally and overseas at our warehouse in Croatia. This is a huge organizational blessing that will allow us to stage shipping boxes loaded with 400-600 pounds of gear ready for the next shipment. It will also allow us to handle our massive amount of inventory that God keeps collecting. God has really given us confirmations that He is not finished with the collecting, so we've got to be ready for the sorting and shipping. 
Below is an example of what God has been doing with those 100,000 plus pounds of equipment. Every colored country on the world map and every footprint on the maps of Europe, the Balkans and Croatia shows a place where God has opened the door for us to reach. Teams in each of those locations have have reached out to us requesting equipment they need. God has been busy and we have been marching right along side Him.  We are excited about the future and the many other places He desires for us to share!

(These maps were prepared in 2018 when we had reached 21 countries.  In 2019 that number has increased to 30 countries!)
The Balkans
Please continue to pray for HiS PRINT, for the blessings, and as we financially finish 2019 to be thankful for all He has given and mindful for the expansion He desires. 
Blessings and have a wonderful God filled day!