Fall 2019 Blog 10

Fall 2019 Blog 10:

Take Time to Breath

Just like all other MLO’s, there never seems to be a chance to just breath and slow down long enough to enjoy the air we are blessed with, let alone thank the Lord for that breath we just took. In actuality, we are not guaranteed the next one, so be thankful for the last breath and ask yourself whether you were productive with it! 

Monday was a day to take those deep breaths, to be thankful for all that was accomplished on this MLO, and to see what God has been doing through the Ministry. As we participated in the meetings over the past week and listened to the thankfulness of so many, we could see through those relationships that God was doing a mighty work.

I closed the last blog before I shared the last meeting I had for that day. The blog was already too long, so I decided to move this story to today. Meet Vlado! He is the manager of Bakun, one of the local hotels we have used in the past. I wanted to meet him to say thank you as well as talk about how they can help moving forward. We had an awesome discussion and developed a mutual respect for one another. He actually asked about kick boxing gear after he heard what we do with providing equipment. We have already started praying for God’s provision and told Vlado we will see what God will provide. He told me and Lordan (who was with me) to contact him when our Spring MLO got closer and he would work with us to get a good price on the rooms. 
Vlado, manager of the Bakun hotel
On Monday morning I asked Lordan to arrange with the Sisak Food Pantry to visit one of their clients we had visited in the past. Her name is Branka and she has held a special place in our hearts. She is house-bound and cannot get around, so having visitors is always a highlight. When we arrived the look on her face was priceless. She asked about all those she had met over the years and asked me to bring her greetings and love back to them. 
Prayer for Branka
She shared the hurt she had for losing her 42 year old son earlier this year due to a stroke. She expressed how empty she felt and visits like this always filled her heart! She had made strudels for us and we had a wonderful time visiting with her as well as shedding a few tears! We prayed for her and told her how much she meant to us! What a blessing to spend those couple of hours with Branka. 
Stefan and Branka
Stefan and Travis took Hunter up to the airport in the afternoon and I took some of my breaths and used them peacefully by taking a much-needed nap!

When I got up I had a meeting with Milan, who has become a dear friend of HiS PRINT over the years in helping us organize and put on the business workshops. I showed him around HiS HOUSE and he couldn’t believe how big it was.  Before he left, I prayed for him and his family. He was so appreciative. 
Milan and me
That evening we were blessed to join Zeljko and his family for dinner at their home. They are the administrators of the Ice Skating Club. We had a wonderful time and were blessed with the food and fellowship. While we were talking, Zeljko said that he had shared some of the equipment we had given them last year with a hockey club.  He then read a thank you letter from that hockey club.  What a blessing this was to hear; passing forward what was received. 
Dinner at Zeljko's home
Zeljko with the Hockey Club thank you letter.
What a blessing this MLO has been and all the meetings with people. God has blessed us immensely with these friendships and developing relationships that we get to continue year after year!

Have a wonderful God filled day!