Fall 2019 Blog 1

October 2019 Blog 1

I can't seem to find the time to sit down and report all that is going on around and through HiS PRINT while I am stateside. While we are on our MLO's I don't seem to have any trouble putting a Blog together to keep you informed and up to date, and then I get home and BAM! The mic gets dropped on me and I lose time! It's like finding all the pieces of a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and putting them together to form the picture you see on the box lid, BUT you don't have the box lid. We have so many pieces before us, it's hard to arrange them so they will fit together and help you see the picture of what is going on with HiS PRINT these past 2 months. Even while I am sitting here typing, I can get overwhelmed with all those pieces and afraid I'll miss one or two and then the picture won't become visible.  

But just like life and the juggling process we go through trying to keep them all in the air and not fall, we just need to let them fall in the lap of Jesus and allow Him to hand the one He knows we need to deal with. I realize, all you have to do is take one piece at a time and see where it will fit and put it in place. So, here is the picture God is producing through HiS PRINT since we came home from our summer MLO. I'll take it one piece at a time and not overwhelm you with one large 1,000 piece puzzle. I'll break it up so you can digest one portion of the bigger picture at a time. 

KSBJ "Get On Your Knees"

Most recently, I would like to share the wonderful experience I had being asked by KSBJ to join in on their "Get On Your Knees" city-wide prayer event hosted September 27 at Lindale Assembly of God Church on the north side of Houston.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to witness 100's of people coming to worship through song, reading and sharing of God's Word and prayer, and then had the wonderful opportunity to lead a section of the program titled, "Our God is a God of Love."  It was a blessing that is indescribable. I will cherish this experience and the opportunity to pray for and over people who are seeking God. 

Shipment to Nigeria

This past week also was a huge blessing with our shipment of two large boxes of baseball gear from our Texas warehouse to Temitayo (Papa T) with Double T Baseball & Softball Academy in Iloran, Nigeria. Papa T has become a dear friend of ours.  He is one we went to visit last fall and have plans for a return visit this December! We have seen what God has done through Papa T, in using this equipment to get kids interested in baseball, off the streets and the chance to share about good citizenship and the love of Christ. We are excited to be a small part of this wonderful project that Papa T and his leadership team with Double T has in sharing and impacting lives 

Texas Warehouses

To close this portion of the puzzle I would like to show you a couple of pictures of our Texas warehouses. I say warehouses because we are currently maxed out in our large space in Pearland and are storing equipment in 4 locations. As most of you know we have been blessed with the gift of some land to put a new HiS QUARTERS that will house our donated equipment supply in the future. I will share more about that in the next blog so please stay tuned and join us in prayer for the next steps to build HiS Building, the next Home for HiS PRINT. 

God bless each of you and thank you for your prayers!



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