2019 Summer MLO Blog 15

Whew! What a flurry these past two weeks have been with all the ministry activities! We believe it is important for the MLO team to take a deep breath and reserve a day for sight-seeing. This gives us a chance to enjoy team time together and understand the local culture. So, on Monday the team members who were in Sisak visited the capital city of Zagreb. 

Martina was an excellent tour guide, pointing out historical places and explaining the statues that were located throughout the city. One of the popular places to visit is the Zagreb Open Market. I would like to share with you a beautiful exchange that happened at the Open Market between Stefan and one of the merchant ladies. I asked Stefan to write it in his own words: 

Stefan wrote, “I approached one of the market booths to see what they are selling. There were many souvenirs, of course. The lady that was selling was sitting behind the small counter. I approached her and asked her how the day is going? She answered that it is going well, and if there is something I need help with. 

I smiled at her and told her that I’m visiting Zagreb with my friends from USA. She was thrilled to hear that and asked me what is everyone doing here? I had chance to share with her about HiS Print ministries and she said that she never heard of it, but that it all sounds so positive. She thanked me for talking to her and sharing about this ministry. 

Then she asked me where are all these people staying? I told her in Sisak, she interrupted me with a surprise on her face as she told me “Sisak??? What??? That’s a dead city.” I told her about what we do and she was amazed to hear that. David came by and I introduce him to her. It blessed David and moved him to bless her with some monetary gift. She asking “Why? Why? Why?” Are you giving me money? For what? I was able to share with her it is because this team is sharing God’s love we received. She smiled and thank us for the gift.” 

I thought that was worth a blog in itself and wish I would have taken a picture of her so that you could see the joy on her face. She thanked me many times for the coffee money and said she would remember this day tomorrow when she went to have coffee in the morning with the money we gave her. Just a simple, “Hello, how are you?” can be used to touch a person’s heart and prompt them to ask why! 

Enjoy the pictures of our trip to Zagreb and the sights. Remember Jesus loves you and so do I!