Summer MLO Blog 7

Blog 7

Hello Folks, 
Wow, where to begin! So many things happening and so much to share, but don’t want to overload or lengthen to the point that it takes up too much of your valuable time. That is the risk you take when not doing a daily blog and filling you in as the days roll out, so please know there is a whole lot more to tell than I can fit on this page, but that God will allow me to hit the highlights He desires to be shared. 
First and foremost I want to share this huge news for HiS PRINT. We have been trying to accomplish the task of making HiS PRINT a non-profit official in Croatia. Well, as of this past weekend, the official documents were signed and sent off by courier to become official. This is a huge accomplishment for us, as this will help with shipping and receiving of all the equipment we send every year, as well as all the other ministry-related things we do throughout the year with the community in Croatia. Join us in praising God for this major hurdle that has been jumped and for the future as God unfolds it.

HiS House Update, Stefan & Arie

It has been a busy time of activity around HiS HOUSE with the expansion projects of the Upper Room and Solomon’s Porch, the HiS CafĂ© and Commercial Kitchen and the new toilets (much needed) and laundry facilities; along with preparing the house for our first full time in country disciplers, Stefan and Arie and creating a livable and comfortable space for them to call home. This is so vital and important, because they need a place to call their own and get away, when there is so much activity from visitors going on at certain times of the year. We are looking forward to having more groups enjoy HiS HOUSE throughout the year and with Stefan and Arie here to receive them, that will be possible. We will also be able to bring more teams from the states on MLO’s year around, because of this development. Please pray for Stefan and Arie and their transition to Croatia. For Stefan, who is returning back to his homeland and city after 10 years being away, and for Arie, who is coming to a new home, country, culture and way of life! They are coming because of God’s calling on their hearts and we know He will be with them and leave them. We are confident of His protection over them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. However, prayers are still needed and appreciated for them both! They are boldly trusting in Him, but are leaving behind much to make this sacrifice. God has blessed HiS PRINT through their willingness to come where He has called them.  

We are commanded by Jesus in John 13: 34-35, to go and love as He has loved us. And John reminds us in 1 John 3:18, that we are not to love with words, but with actions and truth. Stefan and Arie are coming to share His sacrificial love for them, to others that will come and be at HiS HOUSE and through all the community ministry areas we are currently serving as well as any others He creates. God bless each of you and Stefan and Arie, as He develops and illuminates that path He desires for us and them to take. This is an exciting time of transition for all of us and we are actively hanging onto the robe of Jesus with a faith that pulls His power from Him and into us! Luke 8:46. 

God is at work!

I could have taken the time to talk about the beautiful Saturday of baseball that allowed me to spend some quality time with the young generation of Storks or the wonderful celebration of a baptism at Moscenica Church on Sunday, that brought several churches together and packed out God’s House and the picnic and fellowship afterward, but that would have taken up at least two more pages of praises and explanation. Know this: God is at work in a huge way across this great country and across this region of the world and we are blessed to be a small part of it.