Summer MLO Blog 6

Hello Folks,

Not enough can be said about prayer and the importance of staying in contact with God, asking for His protection, guidance, and wisdom. HiS PRINT has adopted prayer as the biggest part of our planning, provision and direction.
Ephesians 6:18 – ”And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.”
Praying for the Holy Spirit's leading is like writing your plans in pencil and giving God the Eraser! He owns them, we simply humbly come asking for His leading and our flexibility to hear, listen, apply and follow!
“Prayer is: Earthly permission for Heavenly Interference.” - Tony Evans

As we approach each MLO we use Preparatory Prayer. During the MLO we use Intercessory Prayer and after we are finished we focus on Reflective Prayer. Book-ending all things we do with prayer and being in constant contact him during allows you to give Him full control at all times. And watching, being a part of and anticipating His next answer is the best place to be in on this earth. Witnessing others around you being affected by prayer is one of the greatest joys we have in being a part of His plan. 

Mealtime Prayers

This week one of the construction workers here at HiS HOUSE asked if he could pray during lunch.  It was an absolute blessing to hear, and to watch his face glow with satisfaction once he finished was priceless.

For dinner on Thursday night, Vuk and his friends from Serbia made us BBQ and it was excellent, by the way. When they brought the food to the table they looked at me and waited for me to lift it up in prayer. I was almost brought to tears with their display of respect. I couldn't thank God enough for that small picture of friends from different cultures and beliefs, coming together over a meal and taking the time to allow Him to be praised. 

Equipment to Latvia

On Thursday I was contacted by one of the members European Baseball Association asking if HiS PRINT would be interested in helping some teams in Latvia. The team from Latvia was without equipment and at the most recent Association meetings, the Latvia Coach stood up and asked those in the room if anyone could help them. When no one raised their hands from the 50+ countries in the room (representing almost every country in Europe), the Croatian representative Alto remembered HiS PRINT and our willingness to help those in need.  Alto raised his hand and told the coach about us and that he would be willing to make the connection. Well, on Friday the equipment was packed up, Alto came to the warehouse and we loaded his van and sent them off to the border where the equipment was picked up by the coach from Latvia. It is so cool to witness His love being shared through this equipment. We have been praying for more contacts in baseball so we can help more of them with the necessary equipment
It is getting really late here in Croatia and I need my sleep. I keep falling asleep at the keyboard and eventually look up and see a bunch of one letters going across the page. I do promise to get another blog out tomorrow to show you the progress of the projects here at HiS HOUSE and to give you a recap of the practice and games the Storks had today.  It was a blessing to help coach them again.
Have a wonderful God filled weekend.