Summer Migration to Croatia Begins

Hello Folks,
The speed of life can go so quickly that you barely have time to stop and smell the roses, or when you try you get stuck by the thorns! The pace of ministry life has been 90 to nothing and my bride and I have barely had time to spend the quality of time together that we both desire and is needed for a healthy marriage. I am so blessed by the gift God gave me through Baby Doll and not a day goes by that I don't thank Him for her and ask His protection over her and us as we march down His path of ministry. 
The past two months have been non-stop and although blessings every day and around every corner, it still can added undesired stress, so I would ask and covet each of your prayers for my bride and I as we walk out His path way in the journey of ministry! Starting back on February 26th we hosted a missionary couple from the Ukraine and showed them around Pearland and introduced them to several people to help them raise support. Soon after they left on March 2nd, I was off to Croatia for 12 days to do our Spring MLO which as you know was a huge blessing and brought about many opportunities to share the why of Jesus! When I came back, Nedo, a young man from Croatia came with me to do an internship with a workout facility and to get in front of some professional football scouts. He lived with us for about a month and on the day he flew out to return, March 17th was the day our 51 Croatian visitors came to Houston to begin the Croatian Migration 2019. Their stay blessed us and the team of hosts, van drivers and others who walked beside us in making their visit one to remember! They left April 27th and 4 days later I was serving at a men's Tres Dias weekend till Sunday night and then on Tuesday afternoon I was on my way to Croatia to begin the Summer Migration for HiS PRINT
24 hours after I started my journey to HiS HOUSE in Sisak, Croatia I finally arrived at my second home. After weather delays in Houston caused me to miss my connection in Amsterdam, I was rerouted to Frankfurt and then to Zagreb, Croatia! So the normal 14 hour time it takes to get to Croatia was extended to just short of 24 of hours from start to finish! BUT......even though I was rerouted in Amsterdam, traveled through 4 airports, had to check in my carry-on luggage in Amsterdam because the plane was much smaller and took three different airlines to get from Houston to Zagreb, when I got off the plane and down to baggage claim, there were all three pieces of my luggage going around the conveyer belt together! That never happens even when I am taking the same airline and only have one stop! God was definitely in on the details! And actually for two of the three flights I was in a row by myself and got to lay down and rest some.  That rarely happens, especially on the long legs of 10 hours. Lordan came and picked me up at the airport, got me to HiS HOUSEsafely and after a small bite to eat, shower and small conversation with Janko, I headed off to bed in the security of my second home! 
Janko, our dear and loyal friend at HiS HOUSE who has graciously opened his heart and home to the ministry since 2007

God is in the details

During my first day here, there is already so much to talk about and the witness of God being involved in the smallest of ways, happened constantly.  There is not enough space and I do not have the capacity to adequately display so I will let the pictures tell the details as I give you an introduction. While there has been so much going on with HiS PRINT in our neck of the woods, the same is true for here in country at HiS HOUSE. Recently 26 Christian men took part in a leadership conference held here at HiS HOUSE that challenged men; "A real man loves his Bible!" This is one of the reasons HiS HOUSE was built, to provide an inexpensive local meeting venue for other ministries to host events and conferences! 

HiS HOUSE Updates

HiS HOUSE is constantly changing with more additions and improvements being made continually. This is the most recent photo of the HiS Café & Kitchen. We are renovating the existing garage into a café that can seat around 50 people and a large kitchen that can handle the load of the many groups and people that come to use its services.
Another expansion is happening above the Café and it is to make the Upper Room into a bigger meeting space and allow for larger groups to be comfortable in gathering together. The Upper Room will open up to Solomon's Porch in the back of the house. This will be a great meeting space for Bible studies and just having coffee in the morning or drinks in the evening to watch the sunset.

Stefan & Arie

To close out the evening, Stefan's mom and dad come over to visit and discuss the next steps for Stefan and Arie as they come into the country in June and take over the duties of HiS HOUSE and the Warehouse here in Sisak. It was a great visit and you can tell they are extremely excited to have their son and new daughter-in-law coming to live in Croatia.

At the conclusion of the visit, I asked them to stay and pray with me for Stefan and Arie and you could tell this meant very much to them. After the prayer we said our goodbyes and walked them to their car. After a full day of rain and no sunshine we walk out the driveway to the front of the house and there before our eyes, the sun comes out and shines as bright as it can and illuminates a cross on the church across the field about a half mile away. What a sight to behold and even Stefan's father, an unbeliever, commented that God was in the details! What a blessing this was and a great moment to share with them after just praying for their son and daughter!
Thanks for all your support and help in what God is doing in the United States of America and across The Balkans and Eastern Europe. Your prayers are greatly appreciated and coveted! Remember Jesus loves you and so do I!

Good night.  Since we are 7 hours ahead of Houston time, it's 10:00 and time to get myself to bed and get some much needed beauty rest.