Croatian Migration Wrap-Up

Migration 2019 Wrap Up

Hello Folks,
Wow what a 10 days we had with our Croatian visitors and since they left Saturday night I am still processing all that went on. We covered a lot of ground around Houston, did a whole lot of activities and gained new friendships while deepening others we had already established. It was really a blessing to be a part of the Croatian Migration 2019 and see all the hearts touched.

Our drivers and host families each had a wonderful and heart-warming experience that they will never forget, and all the Croatian parents couldn't thank us enough for all that we did, but most importantly for the love that we shared!

Our HiS PRINT vision statement or motto is to "Love them till where they are and love them till they ask why", and I can assure you that the "why's" were asked over and over again. Sharing Christ is why we do it and the relationships we build while loving them where they are opens door after door to have conversations around why we do it. 


I believe one of the biggest moments for me and the Croatian players and coaches was the opportunity to meet HBU President, Dr. Robert Sloan. He took time out of his busy schedule to come out and speak with the team and share his appreciation for their coming to campus. The team gave him an official Croatian North Little League shirt which he accepted with honor.


Friday night we played two games against the Houston A's at their home facility and then they treated our visitors to a huge feast of hot dogs and hamburgers and a great time of fellowship! We are forever thankful to the A's organization for providing the fields, the competition, the food and the fellowship between and outside the lines.


Saturday was spent with host families and cleaning up while trying to pack all their extra items for their flight home that night. Many of us went to the airport to see off our 51 Croatian families and friends. We sorta over-ran the airport, and the hugs & tears along with all the smiles made these 10 days worth it. Asked what the highlights were for them and the answer was almost always, the chance to build relationships.  
Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers in making this a trip to remember and one they will always look back at and smile. I know we will!

Blessings and remember Jesus loves you and so do I!