Spring MLO Update - 4 (March 18)

I used the word Wow to describe the several days of our mission leading up to this weekend and that was indeed an accurate word to use, but where to you go from there, when the last few days and opportunities have exceeded that? WOW!!!! We will go with that! 

The 2019 Extra Point Football Coaches Clinic far exceeded our plans, with un-plowed ground tilled and plowed hearts being seeded! I was told many years ago by an indigenous missionary here in Sisak, that we will never know the hearts changed and the extent of those changes on this side of heaven. She’s is so right, but to witness the relationships built and the open minds and hearts that listened to us in sharing our love for Him with them was such a blessing! I could go on and on about what occurred over these past three days but don’t think the words can adequately convey the impact. The coaches were overwhelmed by the hospitality from the breakfast food that was prepared by the Kulin Culinary Institute every morning, delicious lunch at the Grand Restaurant, the presentation and service by Bokun Catering service and the provision of their apartments for lodging. The coach's attention at morning devotionals moved my heart and the discussions that followed were touching. Based on the number of Sports Bibles and Devotional Books that were taken, a lot of those attending are starting to question or inquire more about a relationship with Jesus. May His Word infiltrate lives as it is read and change hearts as it is studied. 


We are so blessed to be a part of His mission here in The Balkan Region! Over 60 coaches and players from 5 countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Bulgaria) participated. All asked us to return for another clinic next year! We are blessed beyond measure at all the doors God is opening. 


The PISAK Entrepreneurial Incubator in Sisak hosted our clinic classroom sessions daily. Breakfast was provided by the Culinary Institute. 

Worship at Petrinja Church 

The clinic participants left after several rounds of goodbyes and I had just enough time to go and enjoy a night of worship with our brothers and sisters at Petrinja Church. What a blessing to be filled up again as the pastor taught from John 10, Jesus is the good shepherd and His sheep know His voice. 
Petrinja church

Thanks for all your support and we look forward to God’s opening of more doors of opportunity to love them where they are and love them till they ask why!