Spring MLO Update - 3 (March 14)

WOW! These last several days have been a whirlwind and a blur! So many great things happened and so many God moments, I couldn’t even remember them all if I had taken the time to write them down the moment they occurred. 

From the most revealing and honest conversation in a government office, to the wonderful and awesomely received business seminar, and not forgetting to mention the blessed time with the 50+ 3rd and 4th graders out in the country near one of the poorest and war ravaged areas in the country. The war ended in 1996 and there are still active mine fields, some of which were in this area! I could go on and on and explain my thoughts and express my gratitude, but instead, I’ll let the pictures do that, and will also share a note one the Business Workshop participants sent to one of our presenters. 
Can you say, "Overjoyed!"
School children enjoying our time together!
It doesn't get much better than this! 

Business Seminar

This is a note Joe received from a young lady who attended the HiS PRINT Business Seminar. She is a graphic artist from the local Sisak area. A real blessing. 
Hello Joe! I don't think either of us who was there yesterday truly understands the impact of meetings like these. It may seem like a simple lecture from your side where you're sharing what you've learned and giving guidance about which path is the best, but from our side, it's probably more like entering a new world and hearing about a completely new way of solving problems. We just never have the chance to be exposed to knowledge and methods that work far better than the ones we're taught. But we desperately need to learn more and become confident in applying the new knowledge in practice. I hope you continue with your amazing influence here :)