Nigeria Day 6 & 7: Blessed but Difficult Road

These past two days have been a blur and at the end of both we have been exhausted. This has been a very blessed mission from the start, but in many, many ways a very difficult one as well. Reading God’s word and listening to Jesus, we know that the road we are to travel will often be met with struggles and obstacles, and when approaching different cultures we are often left questioning and wondering. We find ourselves sitting and waiting for the day's schedule to start, not really knowing where we will be going nor what our role will be.  Once we get started, the pace is suddenly quick with frequent unexpected moves. I'm not really sure how to explain it, other than to say that the culture and people here are much different than who we are and where we have been.  It is not a bad thing, it’s just a difficult adjustment. 

Every day we are challenged with Being and Remaining the little letter “i’s”,  challenged by not knowing the schedule yet being expected to be ready at a moment's notice. Once we are escorted away and ask about the destination, we may or may not be told! Then when we arrive, we are asked suddenly to give a talk of some sort. All of that is very mentally taxing and can become very exhausting. In addition, the sun here is extremely strong, the water not healthy to drink, the food choices are limited and we feel like we're going to end up in the hospital every time we are driven from place to place. We literally feel like we are risking our lives every time we get in the car. Don’t get me wrong, our driver is the best and we are much safer with him behind the wheel than one of us, but the motorcycles, cars and people everywhere is a madhouse. I have actually seen a driver plus three children and a mother piled on a single motorcycle on more than one occasion. Safety is not a concern; the focus seems to be getting a place in line, regardless of whether or not there is room. That’s enough whining for one day, but I would ask that you keep those prayers lifted. We have felt His dome of protection over us from the start and have never felt in danger since being here! 

We spent the day meeting the Commissioner of Academia and the President of the Kwara State National Football (Soccer) club, and then watching three ball games at the park. It was a pleasure meeting them both.  I was honored when the Kwara State National Football President asked me to address the junior players and was warmed by their reception. 

Senior Players
Football (soccer) Academy Students

Football (soccer) Academy students

Meeting the the President of the National Football Club

Double T Softball players.  This was their first game ever!

Softball players.  They had great enthusiasm!

Thanks for the blessings of your prayers and support  Remember Jesus loves you and so do I! 

God Bless 


  1. Prayers I send to God so your trip to Nigeria was not only safe but also productive in leaving HiS Print among people you are meeting. Coach Robert


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