Nigeria Blog Day 11: Closing Ceremonies and Last Day in Ilorin

Today was not unlike the other days we have been here in the sense that we thought we were going to be leaving at a certain time, that time came and went and we were still sitting in our chalet waiting to go watch the final games and take part in the closing ceremonies. Because they wanted us to make a grand entrance, it did not allow for us to go early and watch the games in their entirety. So at the appointed time during the last game, decked out in our Nigerian authentic outfits, we headed to the ballpark.

The Three Amigo Nigerians!

The fans cheered for us as we got out of the car and went under the tents to take our seats with the government officials who were also in attendance. The final game was a very good and close game with the Double T 16U baseball club winning the championship and taking first place in the tournament. 

The three leaders of Double T:  Temitayo (Founder), Sola (Technical Director) and Wylie (Country Director)

The festivities during the closing were very nice.  We were asked to participate by handing out awards to the government officials and by congratulating the teams who participated. It was a nice event!  I really enjoyed sitting next to the Minister of Information who was very interested in learning the rules of the game.

Enjoying the festivities!

Banner revealed at the Closing Ceremonies

Joe presenting an Appreciation Award to the Chairman of Double T

Softball Champions with the newly revealed banner

Championship Presentation

Tomorrow we head to the airport early to fly back to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Apparently we have an audience with the President of the Senate before boarding our flight to Frankfurt and eventually heading home! I can’t wait to get back home, but want to finish this MLO strong! 

God bless and remember Jesus loves you and so do I!