Blog Days ??: Double T - Travel and Thanksgiving

I start this blog out by saying ??, because I realize as I was starting to write, that this is actually Day 13 and that I have been miscounting the entire trip! Oh well, I can tell you for sure that today is travel day and that we are so thankful! 

As you can see from those opening statements I started writing this on our return trip back home and now that we have landed safely back on Texas Soil and rejoined our brides and family, I want to say thank you for praying for us and our families while we were away. I can tell you that from those prayers, God placed a dome of protection over and around us and His blanket of love and warmth rested on us! Never once did I feel threatened and although commotion would often happen around us, it was never directed at us! It was as if they couldn’t approach us unless we approached them or made acknowledgement that it was okay!
Our hosts for the entire two weeks!  Brothers in a family that is united forever!

Twenty four hours is not long enough to process all that went on during this MLO and to be perfectly honest with you, I'm not sure that will ever be possible! As I told Joe and Brandon in a text last night, “As I sit here after a nice hot shower and reflect back on these past 13 days, I am overwhelmed by our Lord's protection and provision throughout this MLO. We may never know to what extent that was needed! HE DID IT!” 
Our security detail and drivers for the entire two weeks.  These guys were All Star MVPs in our book!  Man, can they squeeze a car through a needle and come out unscratched.  Amazing!

The danger may have lurked around us and may have been closer than we thought, but the safety and protection we were rewarded with was unmistakable and comforting. His protection through your prayers allowed us to travel through streets that were overcrowded, walk among groups and never feel threatened, and rest comfortably each night knowing He was with us! 
Always felt safe with our police escort leading the way

Some things I can say now, but know I will have much more to say later after more time of reflecting and processing. I am extremely thankful for what we have here and often (if not most times) take for granted:
  • The obvious is for the safe trip there and back and the safety of our families we left behind, 
  • The treatment and care given to us from the moment we arrived in Nigeria (it was over the top!), 
  • The road system, upkeep and maintenance that allows us to go from point A to B in safety and swiftness, not roads filled with so many people that a road meant for two cars becomes a thoroughfare for every imaginable mode of transportation with a sprinkling of farm animals mixed in. Then other roads that have pot holes you could lose a car in and so many you drive going more side to side than forward! 
    Pictures don't quite show the chaos that was constantly around, but this gives you a glimpse.
  • Drinking water that is safe to drink, to wash and feel clean, and to turn on and not be turned away by the smell. 
  • Not to mention warm water to take a shower in. 
  • Electricity that allows you to keep your lights on and not have rolling blackouts that occur day or night and can last for hours. 
Just a glimpse of what we saw every day and everywhere!

Those are to mention just a few areas that I am grateful for and the trip helped me see how blessed we are right here! 

Thank you for your prayers and support and thank you, Lord, for placing me where He did when He created me! May we never forget and be ungrateful for the little things we have at our disposal, all of which give us hope for tomorrow in way or another! 

Remember Jesus loves you and so do I. He will never leave you nor forsake you!