Well, made it back safely to Texas and especially into my Baby Doll's arms! Oh did I miss her and couldn’t wait for those plane doors to open so I could sprint into her waiting arms! We both said that this was the toughest mission so far and that in years moving ahead she needed to be by my side! Nothing would make me happier! 

The last couple of days in-country were used to tie up loose ends, tidy up things around HiS HOUSE and the warehouse, inventory our needs for things in the future so we can place on the shipment in January, travel to new places where God is opening the doors, as well as spend some quality time saying goodbye to dear friends. In some ways those days of quiet after the storm of the mission are a blessing and in other ways they are the most difficult! 
1.  Janko, our dear brother and my close friend who has opened his heart and home to us for these past 12 years!  2.  Lordan & Martina, HiS PRINT team members on the ground in Sisak.  We couldn't do it without them!  3.  Sergey, a young missionary who we have supported in years past, now working full time with the Roma people throughout Croatia.  4.  New friendship between Silvio and HiS PRINT 5.  Mouseman and his bride outside their ice cream shop.  He is actually taking some equipment for us to Taki in Kosovo over the winter.

God has truly blessed me and the others on the HiS PRINT team with wonderful, meaningful and loving relationships! It really has become a second home and who knows what God has in store for the future! Debbie and I will just hang on to His robe and see what He has in store! I know currently He has us right here in Texas where He can use us the best way possible, but I don’t think either of us think it is out of the question in the future that He may call us there! 

God has created a wonderful opportunity for our HiS PRINT football coaches to venture down into Bosnia and Herzegovina! I went on a short, but eye-opening discovery tour with our dear Serbian friend Vukasin.  We went down to Sarajevo for less than 24 hours but in that short time God revealed a fertile field of opportunity to share His love! If I had the time to share with you our border crossing experiences I would, but it would take way too much space. Let me assure you, they were nothing short of miracles! Maybe I’ll ask Vuk to write a short description of what he witnessed! Vuk goes through border crossings all the time, but when you take a United States citizen (with mostly Croatian stamps in his passport) and a Serbian traveling in a Croatian rental car, you are expecting a hassle here and there.  For us those hassles never happened and in fact our experience was quite the opposite!

Eldar, the President of a local football club in Sarajevo as well as of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Football Federation, welcomed us with open arms. I had only met him in March when he and several coaches came to Sisak for our coaches clinic. He made our visit so pleasant. The cultural tour of the city was a lesson in cultural diversity like no other place I have ever been and quite possibly the most diverse in the world. It is truly the city where east meets the west with a Muslim Mosque, Jewish Synagogue, Orthodox Church, Catholic Church and Protestant Church all within 5 city blocks. It was absolutely remarkable! And the hunger and desire of Eldar to bring a camp to his country and city, to make it a new pathway in the near future for HiS PRINT to walk was incredible. 
1.  Architecture of Sarajevo  2.  Standing on the corner where the Archduke was assassinated and WWII began in Sarajevo  3.  Vuk and me traveling into Bosnia and Herzegovina!  What a time together!  4.  Two dear friends of HiS PRINT:  Vukasin and Eldar.  5.  Eldar explaining his city at  local spring.  6.  Street marker in Sarajevo that shows where east meets west.  7.  At a coffee shop overlooking Sarajevo. Quite a foggy morning!

Thank you to everyone for your support for this summer's MLO as well as the ministry these 12 years now! We are blessed by the past and what has happened for the Kingdom, excited for the future and what God has in store, and ready for His calling when He says let’s move out.  We are just hanging on to His robe when He suddenly takes us here or there! 

Have a wonderful God filled pathway in your own life and if God lays it on your heart to come and join us for some robe hanging ministry work, we will scoot over for ya, there is plenty of room!