How Can You Impact Someone

You never know how much impact you may have on someone whom you have the opportunity to interact with, even if the time with them may be short, it can make a life changing impact, not only on this earth, but also eternally! Below is a thank you from a Serbian young man who began to play American football the very same year we met him at a camp in Slovenia. Read below to see the impact that the HiS PRINT coaches had on this young man!
My name is Valamir Miskovic and I was Born in Serbia, a country located in Eastern Europe, I was raised watching sports and listening about great sportsmen and great achievements that placed our country on the world map. Surrounded by sports like soccer, basketball, and tennis, I had never thought about playing anything other than those sports. When I first got in touch with the game of football in 2016, football was a sport played by 2,000 enthusiasts, ranging from 10 to 50 years of age. Even though football was not a common sport for our region, inspired by NFL, players were strongly determined to develop a league that would be just as competitive as any other. I quickly became addicted to the game and started to explore more and more about opportunities to improve my football skills.

The same year, the president of local club shared with the team that there will be an opportunity to attend a three day camp in Slovenia, hosted by a local football club and a organization from the USA, HiS PRINT Ministries. From this point, I can easily say that this was a turning point in my football career. Being able to learn basic techniques from coaches was beneficial for everyone who attended the camp. Something that left the biggest impact on me was the way coaches approached us and thought us that football and life share the same goals and that is to create a good and well-rounded person, someone who will be ready to put others in front of himself and help them, just like Jesus helped members of HiS PRINT to become successful in what they do.

Once the camp was over, I returned to my hometown and spent the upcoming year working on my skills, both on and off the field. The effort I put in resulted in an offer to study and play football in Northern Ohio. Just before I departed to the USA, I had the opportunity to meet the HiS PRINT coaching stuff once again, this time on a camp in my hometown. Those three days impacted my whole season in the USA. Coming to the United States to play any sport as a senior in high school was not an easy task, but coaches provided me with all the tips I need to impress the coaches overseas. Everything was just as they told me and I had was ahead of the game. This experience resulted in me becoming a starting outside linebacker and all special team player on a history making 10-0 regular season, ELITE 8 OHIO high school team.

My experience with HiS PRINT gave me an understanding that everything I do in life should be done with a 100% effort and that things cannot be left unfinished. I believe that this experience has made a lasting influence on my life, because no matter what I do I know that I will succeed if I work harder and smarter than anyone else. Thankful to HiS PRINT and all the people that supported me,

Vladimir Miskovic