God has really blessed HiS PRINT with many relationships and friendships over the years and He has accelerated that process these past few years through deepening existing ones and opening new!

Damir has become a dear friend and a valuable help for HiS PRINT every year by receiving our equipment shipments. He is also one of the backbones of the Croatia Baseball Federation and Croatia Little League. Over the last several years HiS PRINT has been a resource in helping them develop a local Little League program. His desire for Croatia Little League to become a building program for the Croatia Baseball Federation is shared by the entire Little League board. They are building a farm system to get youth involved at an earlier age! This past week we had a chance to meet in Zagreb and spend some quality time together. Please pray for the marriage between those two baseball organizations. What could be a beautiful thing has had some very rough roads!

My friendship with Damir is developing to a deeper level.

Janko and I stopped for kebobs at a diner called Fino in the town of Dzakovo. The food was excellent and Janko and I had a relaxing time on the street eating and visiting. While we were finishing, I felt the Holy Spirit tug at my heart to go crack the door and give the owner 100 kuna. As I walked in I saw two girls and asked him if the girls were his daughters. After he told me that yes. they were his girls, I pulled out my business card and the 100 kuna and told him God had laid it on my heart to give it to him. He immediately asked if we could sit down and have coffee. Over the next half hour I found out about his family and history of where he was from. It was such a great and blessed time! I look forward to further communication with him in the future and know that I won’t forget my time with Naki!
Naki, a new friendship started in Dzakovo.  He runs a breakfast kabab fast food business.

I just love having Godincidences happen in your life and if we paid closer attention, I believe you would see several of them everyday! Most people call them coincidences, but I know there are no surprises with God.  He places things, people, happenings in our path and He allows us to see Him and the detail He is concerned with. Some of those are life altering and shattering while others are funny events that leave you shaking your head and a smile on your face! One such is the number that the Croatian National Federation gave me for coaching in the 15U tournament. I have been discipling a Stork baseball player, Stefan, for over 10 years now and when he played all those years for the Storks his number was 24.  You guessed it, my number was 24.  I can honestly say that I wouldn’t even have chosen 24 if given the chance, but God saw it differently. In fact, I didn’t even notice what number I was till I took my jersey off after the final game. Then when I saw, I shook my head, smiled and looked up to thank Him for that blessing! I was honored to wear it and Stefan was blessed that I did!
My Croatia National jersey #24 - the same as Stefan's.  A Godincidence!

The past two days have been a blessing as Janko & I went on another driving adventure, this time around the Eastern part of Croatia. Many of the places we visited were new to him as well! This trip focused mainly on churches in some small villages and the Danube River. It’s a joy watching our friendship grow and deepen with respect! 

Keep HiS HOUSE, Janko and HiS PRINT in your prayers as we walk through the waters of purchasing the house for the ministry! This is home and Janko wants to keep it being used for the Kingdom!

He Did It!
Let's Do It!