These past few days have been rough as well as an extreme blessing of slowing down and taking an overall view of what HiS PRINT has been able to accomplish. Obviously I can only speak from my own experience and observations, but God has shown me more of His vision of what He has in store for us. The last three days I have spent coughing and with a head filled of sinus congestion. It’s a combination of getting run down, cold I caught during the baseball tournament and allergies from all the ragweed that is coming into bloom! However, the time spent with God while alone, as well as with others while well enough to do so, has been such a blessing. 

I’m gonna use relationships to help tell the story of God’s divine plan appointments, which will help paint the picture of His purpose for HiS PRINT. Janko and I, aka Lewis and Clark, have spent the last couple of days on more adventures into the Croatian nature and culture. Over these past couple of years, we have been able to do these and it has blossomed our friendship and deepened our relationship that I cherish very deeply! He is truly one of my dearest friends! Here are just a few of the pictures from our expedition! Enjoy Croatia’s beautiful country side and history. Some of that history is not so magnificent, but it helps one understand the culture God has called me to serve in! 

Then to top it all off, He displays HiS magnificent creation by displaying a total moon eclipse in the heavens! Absolutely stunning! 

Time with the Tournament Organizers and workers at Neven and Maja’s was special. Their hospitality is always over the top and this time was no exception! A great time of fellowship and the opportunity to say Thank You for all their hard work and dedication!

Mato, is Neven’s Father in law whom we rent warehouse space from. He speaks little English and my very limited Croatian makes for interesting conversations. But no communication barrier can come between two people who have grown to respect and love one another! 

Sergia, a young friend from The BEAT Cafe, the youth led Christian outreach that we help start back in 2008 and continued for a little over a year! He went off to Theological school in northern Croatia, is now married and lives in a nearby town and is sharing the love of Christ with the Roma people, full time throughout Croatia! There mission team is actually at HiS HOUSE currently. Eighteen people from Croatia and the States, working together to reach the Roma people, the people often pushed aside!

Meeting with Milan again this week, the Director of Applied Ceramics over coffee and hearing his heart and passion was a beautiful and uplifting time. He is such a sponge for knowledge and has a desire to learn! He told me his passion to read and listed off several books and authors he has in his collection. The Go-Giver, John Maxwell, Zig Zigler, I knew I had a chance to really dig deeper with him spiritually. I have introduced several books from Christian authors to him and plan to buy several of those and give to him. God is really digging into the business world over here and I’m excited to walk that path with our business leaders He has put together on the HiS PRINT Team!

I sat down with Miro, the county government official, for coffee and a time of sharing which was terrific. At the conclusion of our time I asked him if he would join me at HiS HOUSE! He gladly accepted and we spent some time there, me sharing and showing him what HiS PRINT was all about. We had a wonderful time and our friendship deepened. His respect for what we do left him without words to explain his understanding. He told me thanks for pouring our love into His country and its people.

Lordan, has been constantly talking up HiS PRINT in most of the meetings he has around the city through his work with Curious Cat, the internet company. This past week he was asked by the new Tourism Director of Sisak, if he would arrange a meeting with me and them to discuss the future and their desire to promote the Texas Carnival and other things we do in the sports, community and business worlds here in Sisak and the surrounding villages! This was an awesome meeting of not only getting to know one another, but laying the foundation for them helping us get the word out and working together!

Blessings to each of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support! Please keep me in your prayers as I finish up strong on this MLO and get back home into my Baby Doll’s arms! Can’t wait for that, but have to! 

Have a wonderful God filled day!