Sitting in downtown Sisak, first with Mouseman & Taki watching that relationship bloom and then me with Miro (one of the Sisak officials) at one of the cafes along the Kupa river, I realize how truly blessed we are with the relationships built over the years! The trust in those relationships, through loving them right where they are, has allowed us to increase the interest of their observation and peak it to the point of asking why! It has also allowed us to tie scripture into conversation and not be ignored! For example, today when Miro began to tell the history of the political situation now and in recent & past history, I was able to point out to him the work that Nehemiah did in Jerusalem, when God called him back to rebuild the walls! He had no idea that was in the Bible.  It was just a blessing to watch God make his soil (soul) more receptive to the truth of Christ’s love!
Mouseman & Taki
Me with Miro, official from Sisak

Through all of that I was reminded of our team that came this year and how many of them were touched by their experiences here. I’d like to share two of those stories, one from our youngest member of the team and the other from one of our teenage girls! 

This first one was sent to me by my niece Brenda, whose family of 8 came again this year. When they returned home last week, Brenda overheard her youngest daughter, Emma (3) playing with her dolls. Brenda wrote, “This morning Emma’s playing with her Princess dolls and they are going to the orphanage to play with the kids in Croatia....😊🇵🇾” Influence by example and a young mind picking up on the example of her family and the HiS PRINT team as they went to the SOS Orphanage to love on the children there! That brought tears to my eyes!

Then when I got this message from my niece Nicole, Ashlyn’s mom, the tears came rolling down the cheeks! Ashlyn was my great niece who flew from Indiana all by herself to be a part of our MLO. She’s only 15! 

Influencing those we come to reach and impacting those we bring, True Measure of a successful MLO! 

Have a wonderful God filled day, even when I’m sick and laying in bed, knowing I’m healthy wealthy and wise through Christ! That can’t ever be taken away!