Road Winds Back Up: Back Home

My long weekend of travel around Croatia was an absolute blessing. In celebration of my birthday, Janko gave me a personal tour of many beautiful and incredibly different Croatian landscapes. Our tour took us from a mountain range to the coast and then back through another mountain range before arriving back at HiS HOUSE late Monday night. I can tell you this:  I saw every imaginable landscape, even one that resembled the moon! 

As we were traveling, Janko asked me how many states I had visited! After thinking about his question for a while, I realized that I have been to 47 of the 50 states - I have missed only North Dakota, South Dakota and Alaska. Even with all of that travel, I don’t think I have ever seen prettier sights than I did in these last 3 days! My camera was busy taking pictures, panoramics and videos; my mind was full of historical information; my head was struggling to believe that I was walking, touching and witnessing what was built and done over 2,000 years ago; and my heart was full of gratitude and thankfulness that God’s remarkable hand of creation spoke all this into existence. It was sensational! 

I am going to let the pictures tell the story with only captions to help you put places and times together! This whole experience was a blessing for me, spending this time with Janko, laughing, praying and talking together! He is a special, special friend and brother with whom God has blessed me 12 of these past 13 Croatia trip years! He is family and this is home. 

I will have to say that I wish my lower back had felt better so that I could have enjoyed all the walking, sight seeing and driving pain free, but each stop brought life into perspective and reminded me of the majesty of our Creator God! I also must admit I hated being reminded of Houston and its traffic on our way home. We sat in stand-still and slow-moving traffic for a very long, long, long period of time, but that delay allowed me to write this blog since I wasn’t driving! Blessing in the midst of adversity! That being said, you will just have to laugh it off tomorrow as you head in and back home from work. At least our traffic jam only lasted an hour!

God bless and have a wonderful God filled week!