HiS PRINT Update - Thank God and Thank You's From Around The World

Hello Folks, 

These past two days have been a flurry of activity and much of it seems to be a blur now that I try and go back and think through all that happened. To top it all off, Croatia upset Argentina in the World Cup and the people of Croatia are in the streets celebrating. With tomorrow being a Croatian National Holiday, they may be out there all night! I will try and hit the highlights so I can keep this to a short story as well as hit the needs for prayer! You guys back home are such a blessing and help keep me upright and moving forward no matter the circumstances. Reminds me of the scripture, "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it;" realizing that every day is a day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it no matter what happens during that day! 

My trip to Split, to spend time with the Sea Wolves football team and look over the land that has the possibility of being a sports academy, went much better than I expected (although should have known!) God was and is in control and He is busy with creating some magnificent things! Ante, president and coach of the Sea Wolves, has done his homework and his plans for the development were in great detail, if we decide to proceed forward. I am going to keep this close to the chest for the time being, but would ask that you pray we follow God's lead and be patient in making sure all i's are dotted and t's are crossed.
Ante and Dino

After the meeting I spent the afternoon with a dear brother, Dino, who is also a Sea Wolf and is in ministry full time! He and I had some wonderful discussions, and I am encouraged by his desire to serve the Lord! We walked down the Riva, enjoyed some palacinca, walked Diocletian's palace and sat to just enjoy the day! It was a blessed time together!
With our brother Dino in downtown Split

Split - with Dino and my coaching partner Ozzy (far right.)  We will coach the 15U National Baseball team together!

After my visit with Dino, I had the pleasure of going to dinner with Ana Kriletic and her mom and dad. Ana is one of our HBU Track and Field student athletes and lives in Split, Croatia. I was treated to possibly the best food I have ever eaten! I would never had ordered it myself or would have guessed it as I lifted it and put it on my plate! I had a fish called Grdobina and grilled squid. Both were excellent, to my amazement, and I will place them up against my favorite Ribeye any day! I can't believe I am saying that but I have to admit!  It was a very blessed time and I am so thankful for the time with them and their gentle prodding me to take a chance on the fish and squid. Ana will return to HBU this fall and graduate in the Spring. 

I also met with TJ Culberson who is a Texan living in Split on the island of Brac. He was a football player for Coach Mark Reeve, one of our new HiS PRINT football coaches, when they were both at Victoria High School (that is how we made the connection.) TJ's father-in-law owns some resorts on the island. We had a blessed time talking about American football in Split as well as the possibility of an Academy here in Split. More on that later, but I can tell you that God has a big plan and I think He wants HiS PRINT to be a part of it here in Split. We will continue to pray through that and see where He leads.
TJ Culbertson

Lastly, and definitely not least, I was blessed to stay in the home of Sean and Neisha Gallaher while I was there in Split. The Gallahers are American Missionaries who have Texas roots as well, and spending the time with them and their two young children made it feel like home! I look forward to working with them further in ministry, if the Lord chooses for us to do so!
Sean and Neisha

I arrived back to Sisak early in the morning on Thursday and immediately went to the baseball field. There was an immense amount of work already done! All the dirt was spread throughout the field, and they had already seeded and rolled it! We spent the evening setting up the fire hose to water the grass as best we could. However, God answered your prayers and brought the ultimate provision we could ever hope and pray for! The weather changed overnight from 95 degrees to 65 degrees, and the rain has been falling since early this morning. The forecast calls for rain to continue for the next three days! God is the ultimate gardener and His provision is manna from heaven.

I spent the afternoon at the State Archive for a blessed & remarkable time viewing documents of Nobility from the 1700's! Crazy old stuff and some it so well preserved. Thanks to Martina for getting me this special tour.  She now works at the archive and was gracious to ask her boss and director if they could grant me access!
Martina and her mentor at the Archives

In the afternoon, my dear friend Vukasin from Serbia arrived at HiS HOUSE and we had a blessed time of talking about camp, catching up on life and even going out to the baseball field to help water! He is a dear friend and am glad he is here for the next couple of days to help at the warehouse and just spend some precious time in each others company.

God bless you all and sorry for my skipping around from subject-to-subject. As I mentioned at the beginning, it has been a flurry of activity. I am walking today in thankfulness for what the city of Sisak has done for the Storks and am blessed to witness God's hand in making this the "best of what can be, will be!" That was a direct quote from Vuk and I asked him if I could use it! Please keep your prayers coming and remember Jesus loves you and so do I!