HiS PRINT Update - Summer MLO right around the corner!

Hello Folks,

I am going to be heading to Split for a short trip to discuss some possibilities on having the land available to start an academy in the future! This is a great possibility and one that has been discussed over the past 2 months with several people in Split.  We have been discussing via Skype and I now have the chance to go see first hand. I will keep you posted after my trip (leaving Tuesday night and back on Thursday.) It will be a quick trip to meet with some officials as well as Croatian and American businessmen who are interested in the project and possibilities. I am excited and blessed to see how God is working all of this out and seeing His wonderful hand at work! 

Last night we were blessed to host a team of missionaries on their way back to Germany after a week -long mission in Kosovo. They are led by a man named Labi (pronounced Lobby), a Kosovo national who is now a pastor in Germany.  Labi leads trips to his homeland every year. They were delighted to stay at HiS HOUSE and we were blessed to host them! HiS HOUSE has become a part of what I would call the Missionary Railroad for those traveling throughout The Balkans and Eastern Europe. They travel and need a place to stay and we are very convenient for them. We offer this for free but the maintenance and upkeep/cleaning are not free, so we are looking for sustainable ways to make this work and keep HiS House open and offered to host more and more throughout the years. This is one of the reasons we are looking for a couple to come and live at HiS HOUSE and relieve the pressure for Janko. Keep this close to your hearts and in prayer for us please. We want to have a year-round influence! 

Our team of 38 people will be coming soon to conduct all that God has planned in our upcoming summer MLO (Mission Learning Opportunity.) The HiS PRINT team members will be coming and going at different times during our 4 week summer mission. We will be busy with many different ministry opportunities through out that time. Here is a summary of the schedule that we could use prayer over: 
  • 4 Football camps - Split, Croatia/Ljubljana, Slovenia/Novi Sad, Serbia/Kralejvo, Serbia 
  • 3 Baseball camps - all in Sisak at The NEST (Beginner camp/Advanced team camp/Little League Tournament camp) 
  • Hosting the 15U European Qualifier Tournament at The NEST - I am honored to be asked to help coach the Croatian National Team. We will be competing against 5 other countries 
  • Texas Carnival - We will be hosting our 8th Annual Texas Carnival in downtown Sisak on Saturday July 7 
  • 2 Children's Library Programs and 1 Adult Library in Sisak and Petrinja, Croatia 
  • SOS Orphanage - two day Program with children in Lekenik, Croatia 
  • Adult and Pediatric Rehabilitation Centers - One is in Sisak and the other Petrinja
  • Home visits with Families in Need with Local Food Bank - 20 or so families during two weeks, where two teams will split up and go to hand out food, shoes and toys that we have bought and brought with us to give them. We will finish the visits with the opportunity to pray with each family! 
So, as you can see we will be busy with a lot of opportunities to share by loving them where they are and loving them 'till they ask why! As our team prepares to leave the States, each one will be bringing a carry-on full of candy for the Texas Carnival!  Every year we have to work behind the scenes to buy and bring candy for the Texas Carnival! Thank you my Debbie and Heidi for the shopping and packing and thank you team for your willingness to carry and get teased by airport security about your sweet tooth. Keep all in your prayers and for our travel over as well as my travel around Croatia! 

Have a wonderful God filled day!