HiS PRINT Update - Prayers even in Blessings

Hello Folks,

Spent all day with Elvis taking me around to get most of the errands done and things I needed to buy and get done before the rest of the team comes later in June. We had a blast spending the time together and catching up on life. Elvis is one of the original Storks that I would love to see coaching one of the teams in the future here in Sisak. He has been out of the country for several years finding work in Ireland and on cruise ships, but is ready to settle down in Sisak so we would ask that you pray along side us on that! 

I sent a blog back at the beginning of June that showed the blessing of the city of Sisak taking on the projects on The NEST field, locker rooms and club house! What a blessing it is to witness those first hand when I visited The NEST on Friday. After 8 years of getting the field of Weeds, to Dreams, to FAITH, up and running, we have received help and support from the city to make the improvements we have been praying for since that day:  water to the locker rooms and field, electricity to the clubhouse, and getting The NEST in better playing shape with the proper adding of dirt and slope to help with playing conditions and drainage. 

Praise God: Mission complete: Water is now in the locker rooms and on the field, electricity is in clubhouse and even ready for the soon-to-be new press box. Seeing the delight in Coach Antonio and Daniel's faces was an absolute blessing. But with all this activity and blessing comes the dire need for prayer for the actual playing condition of the field. The city has been such a blessing to come and provide the cost and work of all these improvements but have started so late on making the improvements to the field that we will more than likely not be ready for the European Championship Qualifier to be played July 16-22. The work on the clubhouse and locker rooms will be complete in plenty of time which will include locker rooms, showers and toilet for home, visitor and umpires! This is a huge blessing and great addition. However, the leveling of the field had resulted in making it more uneven than it was before they started and they had let the grass grow so high that they had to bring in big tractors and it left ruts in the wet soil. With the need for more dirt, equipment to level the entire field and the short time frame to get it accomplished, there will more than likely no grass on the field by game time on July 16th. 

So I ask that you pray, pray and pray! I am meeting with the city officials and construction director Monday at noon to discuss our options. I am going to ask for the field to have artificial turf placed on it, but as you can imagine I am sure they will act like they don't speak English. Just please pray that we can find a solution and not have to move the championships from Sisak to another city. That would be a shame. 

Take care and have a wonderful God filled day and Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there reading this!

HE DID IT! The Ultimate Dad!