HiS PRINT Update – Day of Surprises and Blessings

Making it safely back to my second home here in Croatia yesterday I was excited to get settled in after the long flight and day of traveling. The meeting I was suppose to attend Thursday night was cancelled and moved to another night next week, so the little “i” reminder of being flexible was already coming into play. But that was just the first of several other reminders (that we are not in control and God is) that occurred since I’ve been here. That being said I think I will break this blog up into two sections and send on separate days so that you can see the pictures and join me in prayer for the blessings as well as join me in prayer for those things that are in need of God’s divine intervention to accomplish. 

I did have the blessing of seeing our HiS PRINT local feet on the ground, Lordan, Martina and Elvis, that first evening. They have all helped in organizing both the 2018 March and Summer MLOs! And the evening with Janko was exactly what both of us needed and thoroughly enjoyed. We were able to walk through our hopes and dreams for HiS HOUSE and Janko's involvement with HiS PRINT. I assured Janko that we would always want him here and a part of the ministry. We discussed what that would look like and our goal of bringing someone over here to conduct the daily operations of HiS HOUSE. We also looked at designs and plans for the next renovations which include a small storage shed, commercial kitchen and dining area, as well as redesigning of the Upper Room and developing the upper porch. We will be discussing further the next steps once we have the opportunity to pray and see where God leads us! The Gentle Giant (Janko) is such a huge part of HiS PRINT, I wouldn’t know what to do without him. We just need to get him help and remove the responsibilities of hosting the many teams, missionaries and individuals who come to rest their heads here! 

I was able to spend some time with Lordan for a full day on Friday and met with those in PISAK (the local entrepreneurial incubator organization) who helped us so much with the football, baseball and business seminars this past March. I was able to pray with Kruna, the mover and shaker behind PISAK. We had a blessed time of sharing and when I asked if I could pray for her, she was so delighted! After making those re-connections and grabbing some lunch, we headed out of town to Lordan’s family vineyard. Wow, what a spectacular view and relaxing time we had enjoying the views, eating fresh raspberries off the vine and even taking time for a power nap. I was blessed to witness the beauty of God’s creation naturally and humanly and then to spend much needed time with my brother Lordan. We kicked the whole day off with an extended period of Bible Study and prayer time together. We studied from 1 Chronicles 28:9, King David’s charge and warning to his son Solomon from his death bed. It was a beautiful time in the word together, and then to share in prayer before and after was priceless. 

Tomorrow I will share more about the blessings as well as the need for your precious prayers for a situation that desperately needs it. I was tempted to put that blog first but God laid it on my heart that these blessings needed to be heard first and the other will follow. He has given me peace in knowing that He has a solution, just need to have you warriors join in with me on praying for patience as well as trusting in that peace! 

God Bless and remember Jesus loves you and so do I!