HiS PRINT Update

Hello Folks,

It’s been a while since my last blog and I want to update you on all that is going on with HiS PRINT. God is continuing to open doors and provide new opportunities! There are so many that today I will give you a brief overview of everything, and over the next several weeks I will provide detailed blogs on each. Here is what is happening with HiS PRINT in The Balkans and stateside!

The NEST – Baseball Field of the Sisak Storks

  • Teams from Zagreb have provided a new inning-by-inning scoreboard since their ball field was being demolished by the construction of a school.
  • The Nest will be the host of the 2018 European 15U Baseball Championships! This will be the first time since the 2012 Championships.
  • Local architects and city project managers are providing upgrades to the field and the club house.
  • The Storks Little League team hosted a tournament and raised a $100 donation for the Houston flood victims.

March 2018 MLO (Mission Learning Opportunity)
  • Our March 2018 MLO will include Football Coaches Clinic, Baseball Coaches Clinic and Hockey Players Camp.
  • We will partner with FCA to provide 3D Coaching Certification in both clinics.
  • We will work with Sisak city officials on finalizing a Sister City Adoption with the Houston suburb West University Place.
  • We will work with the Sisak Food Pantry to deliver food and pray with families in need.

American Football Projects

  • The Serbian Football Association is working closely with HiS PRINT in distributing equipment and providing education to all 32 football teams across Serbia as well as the 4 in Bosnia and 7 in Croatia.
  • The Serbian Football President turned down a team sponsorship because of his heart telling him to.

HiS HOUSE – Our Home Away From Home

  • A group of Romanian people recently stayed at HiS HOUSE while they did ministry across the city.
  • The Slovenian "Ljubljana Mustangs Football Club" used HiS HOUSE for their fall team building camp.
  • Phase 3 of our construction is about to begin:
    • Completion of the upper back patio floor and roof.
    • Start of our new commercial kitchen and cafeteria, which will allow us to cook for large groups of people and have indoor cafeteria seating for up to 60. 
    • Construction of additional storage space for housing and distribution of equipment.

Equipment Distribution, Storage and Shipping

  • We are still looking for a permanent storage space approximately 2,000 sq.ft. locally. We have been blessed by Roadrunner Moving and Storage for a temporary solution.
  • The equipment collection stateside has continued, with donated equipment coming in weekly. Another 40 ft. container will be shipped in January.
  • The distribution in Croatia has been steady with the opportunity to share with many clubs in baseball, football, basketball, karate, soccer and hockey throughout The Balkans and Eastern Europe.

Local Opportunities – To Share Our Story

  • David accepted an invitation to speak at an FCA Field of Faith outreach event in Gonzales, Texas on October 11. It was a chance to share HiS PRINT and the love of Jesus, and many committed their lives to Christ and serving Him!
  • David accepted an invitation to attend the FCA Northwest Regional Meeting in Portland Oregon on October 17-19. Many coaches signed on to come on our Summer MLO and all have taken the steps towards equipment donation drives in their areas and schools.
  • David was invited to attend ICC, International Capacity Conference, and Realtime for their national convention in Orlando, Florida in February 2018.
  • David has been involved with several conference calls internationally to discuss ministry strategies and plans for the entire region of Eastern Europe and The Balkans.

HiS PRINT Partnerships

  • FCA International has asked us to walk alongside them in The Balkans and cooperatively minister together across that region.
  • Dino Bajric, a Croatian from Split, Croatia has completed sports ministry school in South Africa. HiS PRINT helped him by providing recommendations and finances, and now he is ready to work alongside us and other ministries in the future.
  • A Dallas businessman reached out to us on our website asking how he could be involved with HiS PRINT and is coming to meet with the board in November.

I'll stop here for now and will fill in details over the next few weeks.  We thank you all for your continued gifts of prayer, time and treasure, all of which make it possible for us to continue using Our Steps to leave HiS PRINT!

Remember God loves you and so do I,