HiS PRINT Update on The NEST and Sisak Storks

Hello Folks,

As was mentioned in the overview update, we have a lot going on both here stateside as well as overseas, 6,000 miles away! I am going to attempt to give more detail on all those items listed, a subject at a time. So I will fist talk about our Storks Little League baseball team and what is going on at The NEST. Since the Astro's won the World Series, I figured it was only fitting I start out with our baseball stories!

The NEST is going to be hosting the European Baseball 15 Under Championships this July 16-22. We were blessed to host the event back in 2012, the year after the field was built and we dedicated it to playing the game of baseball, but also in sharing the love of Jesus. The city is getting behind this event and has had architect meetings to come and give the field a make over, by creating a warning track for the outfield and provide electricity and water to the clubhouse. The baseball field that hosted the teams from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is being torn down. So, those teams graciously donated their inning by inning scoreboard to The NEST and that was delivered to the field the last week of October! It will be put up in the spring and is a huge addition to field.

Every evening after the tournament, HiS PRINT will be holding a Fields of Faith event for all the teams to come and participate. Those events will range from a concert, testimonies, to a Texas Carnival on the field. Please pray for the details to all be worked out and that Jesus will be exalted every day and evening and many of those players, coaches and families attending would come to know Jesus and claim Him as their Savior.

I cannot say enough about out Sisak Stork Little League and their effort on the field as well as off! The coaches, player and parents took it upon themselves to host a tournament to raise money to give to the people of Houston affected by Hurricane Harvey! Although the tournament had some bad weather and had to be canceled before completion, they were still able to raise $100 dollars and we donated it to the HBU Flood Relief fund! Our friends in Poland also sent their prayers and thoughts by sending a picture of hope! We praise God for all these relationships we have built over the years and are blessed in the love they share back to us.

As most of you know we have been going to Croatia for the past 12 years and have been praying for a little league to start in Croatia. In 2015, that prayer and dream became a reality and today is stronger than ever. It is promoting team unity, competitiveness and cooperation and sportsmanship between teams. This is so great to see and be a part of and this past weekend, the Storks, one of the youngest teams in the league were able to win 6 games and finish 3rd out of 9 participating teams! They are growing together and to witness their parents coming together to volunteer and cheer them on is a huge blessing. This next year, they have grown in numbers and will start a second team to participate in the little league at two levels. GO STORKS!

Thank you for your continued prayer support and for your help in allowing us to use our steps to leave HiS PRINT!