Where Are We Walking?

I think we forget what Peter walked out onto when he got out of the boat! Oswald Chambers reminded me in my devotion that the waves were high, the wind was strong and the storm was present when he walked! He just didn't see or care to notice them because his focus was solely on Jesus! Peter's sole focus was being with Jesus! Let's walk out life with that kind of focus and keep in mind what caused Peter to sink, he lost that focus! He finishes the devotion in a way that most of us would say is childish or irresponsible: It is only by abandoning that you recognize Him. You will only realize His voice more clearly by recklessness! To be honest, I think that's why we see God all throughout HiS PRINT! We hear Him say "go" or someone comes requesting something we have no idea how to collect, we answer sure and before you know it a trailer full of karate gear shows up or a thousand softballs end up at your doorstep! 

I thought the pace would be slower after the Sports Conference in Vienna to the time when the first part of the team would begin to arrive, but boy was I wrong! It has been pretty non stop these past 6 days and although things have been getting done and people seen, there is a lot still needing to get accomplished. The weather yesterday (Saturday) and today is very fresh and cool!! Great change from June days in Texas. As I mentioned briefly in a blog a few days ago, this Football Alliance Committee with three football Club Presidents from The Balkans has been a God Send! They are throwing out suggestions and working together to formulate a unified approach to distribution of equipment throughout the region. God has a plan to use every one of those 696 football helmets, 400 Shoulder Pads and the thousands of leg and hip pads! While packing all of that 16,000 pounds of sports equipment, I often wondered but never doubted, how HiS PRINT was going to be able to get it passed out! That never stopped me from packing it! The problem won't be utilizing all of it, it will be organizing the next shipment of the over 200 Helmets and 100 Shoulder Pads still in the warehouse back in Texas, with calls received to come and pick up more! Gods plan and direction being laid out in front of us, we are just willing to hang onto the robe and walk it out! 

Had the chance to practice with the new generation of Storks that have been coming to camps over the years and are now a part of the Croatia little league! I had an absolute ball with them and although there were only 8 out of the 18, we were able to accomplish a lot and had fun in the process! I do realize I need to learn more of the language and should be more proficient in my Croatian, but I have been spoiled with the older generations knowing English. Many of our new players are in early in school and don't have English classes yet! Shame on me and may the Lord help this old dog learn new tricks! Could use a lot of prayer there!

Lastly, I am pleased and blessed to announce that we have received the financing necessary to AC the upper cabins and the Upper Room! Some of you know Tom Graves, while others of you don't. But Tom came and served with HiS PRINT last year and fell in love with the ministry and what we were doing with HiS HOUSE! Well, he stayed in one of the upper cabins last summer and with it being rather hot and the fan in the room was not enough, God laid it on his heart to finance the amount it would take to accomplish this. He got with us and Janko and the price of just under $3,000 was the cost. Well Tom went home and began sending in money monthly and the amount raised was $2,500 when the Lord unexpectedly took Tom home to be with him! I made it a HiS PRINT priority that we would make Tom's desire become a reality. So Janko and I met with an AC installer and started the process. Here is where God steps in through His design: the price after discounts found dropped the price from $3,000 to $2,695, which was still above the amount Tom had given. Then after I wrote our treasurer, Debbie Page, to transfer the funds to Croatia and that HiS PRINT would cover the final $200, we receive a donation from a person who chose $250 of her donation to go to HiS HOUSE. COSTS COVERED! God at work as we follow His lead by getting out of the boat! Blessed beyond measure and giving God all the honor and praise!

Please continue to pray for open doors and boldness of HiS PRINT to declare His name! Isaiah 40:9.

Take care God Bless and Let's Do IT!