Hey Batter, Hey Batter, Swing Batter!

For some of you reading the title you remembered back in those Little league days when you shouted at the batter from the field on every pitch! In fact, there are a couple of you who actually voiced those exact words as a smile crept across your face! Maybe even a chuckle or two as you remembered those glory days of playing right field! I can honestly say those were some great memories for me and I am brought back to those days every time I take the field with the Sisak Storks! I played high school and college ball, coached college ball for nearly 18 years, ran a Baseball Academy for over 10 - yet nothing compares to the joy I have when I come over here and watch these young ball players put on a glove they just got and their eyes get as big as earth. To watch them take the field on The NEST, one of only 3 baseball fields in the entire country, and although there may be gopher holes the size of Texas and the grass so high the ball can't make it out of the infield, watching their reactions you would bet anything they were playing at Minute Maid Park! 

Practice was such a delight and to see 14 smiling faces asking for more, even though it was hot and they were tired, I couldn't be happier and blessed to the core of my soul to watch this develop over the years! The Storks are alive and well! 

I had another great conversation with Coach Antonio and am so blessed to have the opportunity to be able to hire him again for another year! He told me that the Croatia Little League has thanked HiS PRINT nationally on television several times, saying they wouldn't be where they are today without our help! I look forward to seeing where God is going to take this in the future. Baseball is growing in Croatia. 
CBass and Christina arrived safely.  It is a blessing to have them here which marks the beginning of the HiS PRINT Migration. 
We are praying for you all back home as we hear there is a tropical storm brewing out in the gulf. May the Lord keep you safe!

Remember to love people where they are and love them 'till they ask why!