ECSU Conference Wrap-Up

53 Countries cover the expanse  of the ECSU (European Christian Sports Union) in Europe and 42 of them are represented at this Christian Sports Conference! What a blessing to be there and make new connections and friendships as well as grow deeper in the ones made last year! God is alive and well in Europe and HiS PRINT is just excited and blessed to witness and be a part of this movement! Opportunities to share about equipment and camps opened up more and more doors to share Christ! I think that all 696 football helmets and 396 pair of shoulder pads, not to mention the jerseys, pants and pads, are all already claimed by teams first in Croatia, then Serbia and Bosnia! God has a huge plan for this and I want to thank each of you for allowing us to do IT! Whether through equipment donations, financial and prayer support, you have all made this wonderful ministry possible! 

The conference finished up with a terrific worship service Saturday night and followed by a prayer time and walk where we prayed for a partner, prayed for those we wrote down and placed on the floor which was taped to be a soccer field. Then prayed for our country and followed by the opportunity to pray for another country God laid on your heart. 

Sunday was a great morning of worship and study on Isaiah 40. Saying our goodbyes over lunch was a moving time of brothers and sisters hugging and clinging to the new friendships made. After the conference Michael Johnstone of Go Send Me for the Kosovo and Balkan region and Ty Coke rode back with Nedo and me to Croatia. After dropping off Nedo, Michael and Ty came to HiS HOUSE to stay for a few days and witness what we have been doing and see how HiS HOUSE can be used. Michael had worked with us last March for the Intentional Walk Baseball Coaches Clinic and it was awesome to have him back. Ty is a pastor from Odessa Texas and has a passion for missions and the people of The Balkans. 

We have spent the last two days with some prayer time and me showing them HiS HOUSE, Sisak and the country of Croatia! I will keep you up to date with the many activities I have for the next 10 days prior to the rest of the team coming starting June 21 for this summers Mission Learning Opportunity.Please keep the prayers coming and remember Jesus loved you and so do I!