Trek to Poland - Continued Work in Croatia

After a brief stay in Sisak at HiS HOUSE, 18 hours, we took a team of 5 to Poland. This is our 3rd year and 1st year to bring a female coach with us to teach the many girls we have in camp! Brittany Page, Joe's daughter came with us and is a huge benefit. She played many years up through high school and knows her stuff. 

We flew to Warsaw and then traveled the 2 1/2 hours to Mazowsze yesterday and got a little sleep before the campers come on Friday morning. We are staying at the school again with the players and the weather is perfect. We got up early and after devotions we headed to Coach Roberts for breakfast. Wonderful time of visiting and his prayer for us and the camp was precious!

At 10:00am the campers began showing up and after they all checked in we went to the gym and I shared a brief testimony of God's love for us through Jesus and that we have a choice. God loves us that much to allow us to choose. We can choose Him or choose not too, it is up to them. We shared that our faith was in Him, but that we would never force anyone to believe what we do, they have a choice, we just pray they will choose Jesus.

Sis has a team back in Sisak finishing up the library program and loving on those children there. The attendance at those had been very good and a lot of new ones have attended.

Several team members headed home today, more Saturday and a few more on Sunday! Bobby and Jennifer Dunlap come in today and will help with the VBS we are doing with the church in Petrinja. This has been a whirlwind of people coming and going, ministry opportunities in many different areas and heading off in many different directions, to other counties across Eastern Europe!

Thank you God for providing what you have, creating the opportunities only you could create and the many blessings you continue to shower us with!  HE INDEED DID IT! Let's always look for ways To Do IT!

Our steps, leaving HiS PRINT, wherever we go and to whom ever we meet, by loving them right where they are and loving them till they ask why!

Thanks for your support!