HiS Print/Italy - Update 5

Travel Day - Back Home

I just love the way God orchestrates things in our lives and brings about the right person or situation in your life at the appropriate time. Some times those may not feel right and in fact when the situations are bad, we would respond it is not right, but God is sovereign and His will be done. The factor in that equation as to whether it is right or good is us! You can call it positive thinking or coincidence or even luck, but I feel that all those are the wrong prospective and reasoning. It's Trust!!  With God there is no such thing as good luck or coincidences and His word promises me, He never gives us more than we can handle and never leaves us nor forsakes us. That being said, God is in control and things that happen to us are Devine appointments and with Him there are only Godcidences. It's being open to His leading and receptive to where that leads, no matter what. That's Trust! 

Well yet again, He did not disappoint and brought me to Row 41 on my United flight back home. Middle rows of the plane, 3 seats and the middle seat is empty. So I strike up a conversation with the gentleman, whose name happens to be Christian, sitting in the far seat and ask him if he is heading home to USA or if he was leaving home?  With a short answer of, "leaving my home" and nothing more, I gently asked if he was leaving for business or being able to get away for spell. His short response was, "business". Again gently I asked him where was he going and was DC his final destination. He then explained, in slightly more detail, he was on his way to Hazelton, PA and was on business for a week. 

He then explained, gently, that he was the director purchasing for JKL and that he had to travel a lot to purchase and conduct business. Having no idea what JKL was, I was ready to drop the subject and allow him to enjoy a quiet ride home. Then he asked whether I was headed home and what did I do!!!!!!! Bullseye, open door for me to share all about HiS PRINT and the opportunities we have to share Christ's love by loving people where they are and loving them till they ask why. Then I shared that I had just spent the last 4 days in Bobbio Pellico, Italy at an International Sports convention and that I was blessed to have been there, make new connections and learned about a couple of programs called kids games and migrant games. Migrant games were birthed to help provide fun and entertainment to the many refugees across Europe. That organizations were taking these games and strategies to the refugees to provide fun and activity while sharing Christ through the games! 

Christian then proceeded to ask me more about what that looked like and how was HiS PRINT involved. I showed him our short video that shows our shipping of donated equipment and he watched with enthusiasm. After watching he told me that JKL is owned by Oshkosh and they specialize in sporting and exercise equipment and they are looking for ways to help not only refugees, but also the gypsies and poor people across Eastern Europe especially The Balkans.  He asked if he could give me his card and that he would love more information on what we do and how they could help. He said they have been looking for the past 6-8 months and had not found anything, and that HiS PRINT sounded like what they are looking for. 

Needless to say we exchanged cards and he asked for us to stay in contact! God brought these two different individuals together, traveling their separate ways and removed the obstacles that would have been there with a full plane and allowed the sharing that occurred to produce a possible win, win for both!  You don't believe in Godcidences? Go hang onto the robe of Jesus and watch His world open up all around you. You just have to be prepared to hang on!

Thank you for your support and prayers, they are so vital and appreciated!  God blesses me with the opportunity to go on these adventures and it is my pleasure to share them with you. Thanks for following. Have a wonderful God filled day and week!