HiS PRINT/Italy - Day 4

Day 4 of the Ready Set Go Conference. 

There was so much that went on today and really blessed me every single moment. I know I won't be able to write them all, not because I don't remember them but because you wouldn't have the time to read them all. I guess I'll start where the day finished and that was a worship service that included 230 something people reading scripture and praying out loud for one another! It was such an incredible blessing to witness over 50 languages spoken out to the same God and He heard every one of them. 

They asked for a representative from each country there and they wanted me to step up to represent the US since I was the only one here!  We were asked to say two prayers and then people from all around the chapel came and prayed over these requests. It ended up being 30 countries! 

After the service I met up with my young Bulgarian basketball player and he told me how much I had meant to him and that he wanted to remain in contact and asked me to mentor him. What a privilege to do so and we organized our first Skype meeting for next week. I then prayed for him and during that prayer God placed a vision on my heart and that was that soon, Vasil was going to do a basketball camp and HiS PRINT would be serving alongside him. He was overwhelmed and we almost cried when we hugged. 

After that we walked over to where the rest of the people from The Balkans were standing arm and arm and were praying for one another! Serbs praying for Croats and Croats praying for Serbians. It was such a beautiful sight and we instantly joined the circle and prayed with them. I was so touched by this I could hardly pray. When we finished we sang and took a group picture. Wow did walls come tumbling down!  The. Croats said that I was their link and connector and that HiS HOUSE could really help in launching this SportsMovement first across one community, then city, county, country, continent. Please pray along side us for that to happen. 

Blessed as well to have had the opportunity to help lead one of the breakout sessions and participate in 4 others. A lot of information was given and my brain received it, I just pray that my retrieval and memory systems are just as good. Met so many from all across Europe that I can't begin to list them all, but I can tell you that each was an absolute God appointment that will happen again in the future. 

Blessings to you all and thank you so much for keeping me and HiS PRINT in your thoughts and prayers.  I have a travel day tomorrow so you probably won't here from me until I return home! I would appreciate your prayers for my safe travel and that I have the opportunity to share with someone on the ride home. Who knows it could happen! Lol. 

God bless and remember Jesus loves you and do go I!