HiS PRINT Update - Italy


It's been awhile since I have updated you and sorry for my delay. The latest shipment of 8,000 pounds is in route.... 20 pallets worth of baseball, football and hockey equipment along with several things for our crafts and community service projects. We also were able to add a pitching machine, tackling dummies and 2 basketball rims and backboards. Such a blessing to be blessed with so many generous donations that we are then able to take 6,000 miles away and disburse to coaches and players across Eastern Europe. 

I am presently traveling to Italy. I have been invited by Revival Sports to come and participate in an International Sports Conference in a city outside of Turin. There will be over 300 coaches representing 35 countries who will be coming to learn how to use sport to share Christ's love. I am really thrilled to come and participate in sharing how we run our HiS PRINT camps, as well as share with the coaches the equipment we have to give! I believe God is going to open more doors through this equipment collection and shipment, through helping missionaries and Christian coaches in sharing with those God has had cross their paths. 

Blessings to each of you and please pray for my safety, as I am traveling alone, for my family back home who I left alone and attentive eyes and ears to see and hear what God wants to reveal!
God bless and have a wonderful God filled day! HE DID IT!