HiS PRINT Italy - Day 3

The conference is going great and a lot of contacts have been made especially with several countries in The Balkans. I have spent the majority of my time in the room with the nations from The Balkans and it has been a joy! We have started planning a strategy session to follow up with those from Croatia to come and have at HiS HOUSE and after that we will have another one with those from other countries in The Balkans. God is starting to unite believers across borders as well as across ministry lines and I am really excited to see how we can be involved and with the use of HiS HOUSE we want to provide a safe place to all meet! 

 The sessions today were really a blessing to witness as the countries started to work out the things they have been learning and applying it by teaching it to each other. The Croatians were split into two teams of three and one presented  to the UK and the other was with Albania. I was asked to help with helping monitor the groups and providing feedback after they present so they can learn from their doing. They both did really well and are excited to start planning how it could be used to reach cities, counties, country's and eventually continents!  I am so happy God saw fit that I should be here and provided the scholarship to do it. 

Finished up the evening coming back to the room and finding a new roommate. Richard is from Liverpool and Will is from The Netherlands. We have had a good time getting to know each other and learning our paths to the Lord! Looking forward to my time tomorrow which is filled with short sessions about different ministry opportunities you can provide in your communities. 

Keep me in your prayers and for open doors. 

David Moss