Days 8 & 9 - Blessed, Blessed, Blessed


So much has happened since I last wrote to you and some of those happenings have since been forgotten by this getting older and tired mind! I tried to keep from overloading your in box and also found myself so busy and then tired, that I couldn't  get it written! But no worries I won't make this overly long for fear of your inbox rejecting it!!!

Friday was the end of all the programs and many good byes were said and hearts broken and eyes filled with tears! Many of our new members were promising to come back which is always a blessing to me! Most of those if not all come back just to catch back up with the piece of their heart that they left behind from the year before!

The baseball closing ceremonies and the last day of the library program went extremely well and the new camp shirts were a big success! The Storks baseball club had a friendly game with a team from Serbia and they really played well, but lost 7-6. Almost all of your team was able to go and cheer them on, except for those that I held back to help set up for the July 4th TEXAS CARNIVAL!

The Carnival was a huge success and the opportunity to share Christ's love through games, smiles, spoken word and through music was exciting to witness! Fourth year and the second year to be held in downtown! So many people and the real blessing this year was to see the different generations standing in line side by side to participate in all the games! Rachel's Dance Camp girls did a performance without her leading and they were remarkable! They went out and performed an incredible dance in front of the entire crowd! Nine booths of fun, Smore's cooking and being handed out, what more could a person ask! And in case you were wondering if God is interested and cares about the details: I prayed for a God insecticide to come over the park so people wouldn't be distracted and could hear His message.  It was not until the music stopped and we were well into our clean-up that the mosquitoes returned! It was a  remarkable display of God's concern for us in the smallest of ways, because the mosquitoes have been terrible!

The first big wave of people leave today and new friends say their goodbyes. It is always neat to witness new friendships develop during these mission learning opportunities and God blesses us through those as well! We press on to Split today and have baseball and football camps there from Monday through Thursday. Sis takes a group and begins programs in the handicap facility, nursing home and blind association while the others make their trek back home! We completed an amazing week of ministry and are excited about the lives and hearts touched and changed here as well as those on the team!

Please keep me in your prayers as I have the wonderful opportunity to share my love for Christ while preaching at the Third Baptist Church in the area! Excited and blessed to have the opportunity to do so!

Blessings and Happy 4th of July. So many people yesterday told us congratulations and that reminded me to say the same to you. Remember Jesus loves you and so do I!