Day 14 - goodbye to Split and Home to HiS House, Maja's Sister doing Much Better!

Well baseball camp finished off with a huge thank you from the players and coach and asked if we would come back and do camp in Split as well as a camp in another town up the coast in Sibenik! Excited to be asked and the players were all smiles today as we played several fun games in drills and finished off with a scrimmage! It was a real blessing to be with them and they really did improve and the coach was so receptive to our training and asking for us to come back. After practice I went and had coffee with the coach at his request and we discussed details about next year and I told him my dream to host a coaches clinic at HiS HOUSE in SISAK and he thought it was a great idea! He again thanked us for the equipment and asked me to come early and bring my wife next year so he could show us around the islands by one of his boats! Since next year is our 25th wedding anniversary, I just may have to take him up on that! A blessed time and so thankful God opened another door to share His life and truth!

Since I was leaving today before football camp, the coach and director of the the Sea Wolves, Peni came to have lunch with me and the other coaches! He brought his lovely wife Zivana and his new tackle, 5 month old Oliver!  Blessing to see them and hold Oliver for much of the lunch!! During the meal, Peni received a call from Srdjan the Director of football in Serbia and told him they were robbed while they were on the coast swimming! Several phones a couple of tablets, Walters and also two passports! This happened just as we were getting ready to pray. I had just asked Blue to bless the food and asked him to lift the situation with the robbery. He said the most to the point and perfect prayer by asking God that the passports would be found so the players would be able to return this evening with the rest of the team! And if you don't think God is concerned with details, before we even finished eating someone told the guys they had seen some people running and dumped some stuff near them. When they got there all of the passports, wallets, cell phones and tablets were there and the only thing taken was the money. What a blessing and direct answer to prayer! Reminds me of Solomon's prayer in Kings, when he asked for God's wisdom and God gave him wisdom like none other but also gave him riches and wealth because he hadn't asked for those things. Blue just asked for the Passports, but God provided more! This gave HiS PRINT the opportunity to bless this Serbian team with some of God's money, so we reached into our God's pocket and were able to bless them with 3,200 kuna. I wasn't sure what had been taken, but God laid that amount on my heart. I gave it to Brandon (Turtle), to give to them tonight after practice! It is such a blessing to serve the coach and team in this way! It's the loving them where they are that allows us to share and love them till they ask why!

Got on plane at 7:45 to fly back to Zagreb and spend the night at HiS HOUSE before heading out early to Poland and do baseball camp there for 4 days. The days are running together, but the blessings keep them separated and remarkable!

I asked Brandon (Turtle) to give me an update on the response he got from Srdjan when he gave him the money. Here is Turtles response:  With tears in his eyes. He said he was ashamed to take it. I gave it to him before practice as he was telling us the story. After practice he had Zach me and Mike join his team for post camp talk. He told them how he contacted us when the robbery happened and how we were concerned. He then told them what we did, and handed each kid his money back in Euros. He had sent one of his coaches to exchange the amount stolen back into euros from kunas. He then said that all of us coaches are not just Christians in name and words, but in actions. I told them how we were at lunch and heard the news and that we prayed for them. God will use that specific event and exchange to touch more than one heart on that team. In fact I would be surprised if it didn't turn all those hearts into vessels that are receptive to hear His word and truth.

Lastly, Maja has received word that her sister took a blood transfusion and her count has risen dramatically. I told her that I had put it out to the prayer warriors and she was overwhelmed! She said that this late morning she had taken a solid turn and they are keeping her for observation to see what has caused this. She is  in great spirits and that her parents were doing very well.

Thanks so much for the prayers! Got to lay my head down for a quick 4 hour nap before waking up and heading to the airport for an early morning flight. I will fill you in on what happened here in Sisak later, once I speak to Sis. She was asleep when I got in from the airport.

Blessings and have a wonderful God filled day!