Mission Football Camp has begun in Split! Nursing and Handicap Program have begun in Sisak!

Hello Folks,

First day of football camp and it was so great to see the Sea Wolves again. They were there with open arms and so thankful that we would come. When I brought out the footballs donated by HBU you should have been there to witness the smiles! They were down to there last two footballs and bringing them 12 was like getting a Christmas gift in July! Then to be able to give them the camp shirts we had made for them was a real joy! Their eyes were just to pop out of their heads and then I brought out the white jerseys for them to use as their new game jerseys, again donated by HBU! Well you can guess their reaction, words were spoken of appreciation and an explosion of clapping! Tomorrow I will pull out the blue football pants donated by Friendswood High School.

Mike Norman, Jeff Love, Dale Widolff, Zach Norman and Brandon Hoybach are the coaches who are running the HiS PRINT camp and this first day was an incredible day of working the team out and embracing some new fellas who had never played the game before! We are blessed to be here to share our love for the game of American football as well as share our love for Christ! Coach Norman gave his testimony and shared the scripture with the team at the end of practice. They listened intently and we are so thankful to have this opportunity in this beautiful city to touch a few hearts for Christ. Like we started in Sisak, small at first with just baseball, we start small here in Split and just pray for Gods leading! This is our third year here and who knows what Gods plans are, He may be having a Texas Carnival in Split someday!

Today we will spend some time sightseeing the palace of Diocletian the last emperor of Rome who had a retirement palace here. It is in the middle of the city and is full today of shops, apartments and activity! Knowing the culture and history of the country and city you are in is important for your team so they can learn about the people they are here to serve and know where they are coming from and it shows the natives that we are interested in them as a people! This will be the afternoon before camp which starts at 6.

Sis (Shannon Johnston, in case you didn't know that is who sis is) and 4 of our other mission team, Robert Cissell, Erin Johnston and Marde Dawson are going to the nursing home and adult handicap facilities today to share with the people there and do some crafts with them! Please keep them in your prayers as they go to share Gods love through time and willingness to sit with the older community and those less fortunate! Incredible example of Gods love through a desire to just come and sit and is some cases just smile and hold a hand! God continues to allow us to have open doors to be His shinning light here in so many ways and to so many different people groups.

God bless and please keep Mario Peni in your prayers. He is the captain of the Sea Wolves and the young man who HiS PRINT flew to Houston in the spring to spend time with the football staffs of HBU and Pearland. He is on his way to the capital, Zagreb to take a 3rd level test for air traffic controller. He has passed the first two levels and needs 3 more to make it into the school t​o get the job. This is very important because if he does not get through, he and his wife, Zivana would be moving to Norway to get employment! Appreciate your support and prayers and know that we proceed forward through the power of those prayers!