Incredible. Thank You Jesus

Amazing, dynamic, powerful, joyful, peaceful, uplifting, much needed, are just a few of the words that I would use to describe and words or phrases I had heard to express one's feelings of what the carnival meant to them. To see over 450 (no knows for sure but God, but that is a pretty close estimate, some say more and some say less, so I am leaving it in Gods hands) come and enjoy the games, participate in the activities and enjoy the concert was absolutely a tremendous sight to witness and be a part of! God used that event to remove questions and apprehensions, to create a thankful attitude, to soften hearts, to generate a joyful environment which allowed us to share our hearts and His love! I could tell story after story and express feeling after feeling but not wanting to take up your entire day and not having the time to write a novel that would adequately capture it, I will touch on several highlights.

We took Friday and the entire morning on Saturday getting all things ready and separating the prizes so that come time to head down to the park we were ready. The baseball coaches all went to the field on Friday to complete the camp and we did Baseball Olympics on the final session Friday evening and timed it so that I could be there to share the gospel and explain to the campers why we were there. It was a blessing to see all the smiles on the children's faces and presenting the awards for the Olympic winners and then to shake the hand of each camper as we gave them certificates for participating. We were asked time and time again whether we would come back and that they were ready for next year. Many of the boys expressed an interest in joining the Storks and I pray they will be invited in with open arms and taught the game with compassion and patience! They will need that.

Friday night we all went out for pizza and had a wonderful  time of talking and fellowship as a team. That was a pleasure to witness the cohesiveness and unity oft he team. After dinner I asked them all to come to the park so that we could pray over the spot and spend time debriefing about where I needed them to be! The prayers were lifted and 24 hours later those prayers were answered by creating a tremendous atmosphere at the carnival. Woke up Saturday morning to do my devotions and went out back of the house and read and prayed and during my prayers, God revealed to me how he wanted me to present the gospel that would unite the brothers and sisters in Christ and create the opportunity for those present at the carnival to witness those who believe and available to ask why! As this vision was revealed I wept and was overcome by the impact this could have on the city, the churches of Sisak and the hearts of those who don't know Him. 

After breakfast, I asked the team to join me upstairs in the upper room for devotions. We read scripture and then I shared the vision and the idea of how I would share the gospel that evening at the carnival. We spent a wonderful time in prayer and then the baseball coaches headed to the baseball game between the Storks and the team from Serbia and Rock and I got busy making final preparations for the carnival games. The ladies helped us load up and get the prizes with the correct games and then we headed down to the park. We unloaded with the help of many campers and cadets who showed up to help us with what ever was needed. It was an incredible display of friendship and respect. We completed the work work around 5:15 and were ready for participants as they began to arrive at 5:30.

All of the sudden the people began to appear and the pictures of the smiles on the children's faces, as well as those on the parents was incredible to witness! Smiles, laughter, parents helping children to play the games spoke for itself and the pictures captured it best. Rachel had her dance kids come out and perform a routine that was done so well and to see the smiles on the crowd showed how much they enjoyed it. Then when she performed a line dance with several of the participants that was really a sight to see. Claps were extended to her and the performers and Rachel is now a rock star with children following her everywhere.

I took about 15 minutes to share what HiS PRINT is why we come, who we love and what we believe in. At the end of my talk and sharing Gods love through Christ  I asked all those there who had placed their faith in Christ and in Christ alone to come forward and stand united as one body of believers! Not separated by different denominations or churches, nationality, age or by male or female, none of that matters, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. To witness the mass of people who came forward to stand together in front of the stage was a huge blessing! Over 60 people came forward and stood together as we prayed for God to open hearts of those who were there to have the courage to ask questions of someone they saw there in front! The conversations that occurred afterward was a sight to witness and we pray for God's truth to be completely revealed. God blessed us with this breakthrough and the Pastor of Bethal Baptist Church and the Pastor of the Brethern Church stood together as well as believers from both congregations was exactly what they needed to stand together.  Both of them mentioned that is would kick start an effort to be united and start a revival in Croatia! God is good and HIS impeccable timing is always incredible.

I have taken way to much of your time and appreciate your reading this and sharing in our joys. Remember in the power equation of faith: Strength + flexibility = POWER, that we must always allow God to provide the power and we remain flexible and the result will be power above and beyond our imagination! Blessings to you all and remember Jesus loves you and so do I!

Keep us in your prayers as we begin American football camp with the Split Sea Wolves. I am staying with Mario and his wife Zivana in their flat and their hospitality has already overwhelmed me! 

Blessings to you from Croatia!