God Continues to Open More Opportunities!

Hello Folks,
Day 3 of camp showed a vast amount of improvement. The team came out a little flat but when the coaches made them restart a drill two or three times they quickly got the point that this was not going to be something they could go at half hearted. By the end of the practice the team was starting to gel and really move as a unit and pick each other up. We had a couple of new guys show up and they jumped right in. Also had a father and his son come by to check us out. I had met him on the plane on Sunday night and as we talked and I shared what we were doing in Split, he sounded very interested and said that maybe his 18 year old son would possibly be interested in joining. They came and his son checked it out and seemed to be very interested in joining in the future. They met Penie and several other Sea Wolve players and they took the time to explain what it was all about.  As they left the father came and brought me a gift. That was totally unexpected and I thanked him and asked him why and he said for being a kind hearted man and offering to his son a chance to play a this game. God touched all of our hearts through this encounter and it just goes to show you, that you never know how God can use you in certain situations or with certain people.

In the morning some of the coaching staff went swimming, others slept in to catch up on some much needed sleep and others went to meet a very famous singer here in Croatia who is friends of Coach Love's wife's family. They went to their house and had a great time and visit. They took Mario Peni with them who is the captain and player/coach of the Sea Wolves so that  he would have the chance to meet him. Who knows maybe this famous singer will sponsor the team in the future! I spent the morning with a couple of pastors and missionaries who have sons that play for the Split baseball team. I went to the practice and spend a couple of hours observing and watching. 

As soon as we went into the practice the coach came over to meet me and shook hands and then asked what did I need. I told him that I was just there to watch. After awhile we decided to go for a coffee and wait in the shade until the team finished and as we walked away the coach asked me not to leave, that he wanted to speak with me. We told him that we would be over at the coffee shop and would love for him to stop by when they were finished. He did and I asked him if he would like a camp and if he needed help with equipment. He about came out of his shoes with joy and asked if it could be next week! I told him that we could make something happen next year when we come for football camp and he was overwhelmed. I also told him that we could bring him equipment, balls, bats, gloves and anything else he needed. The connection has begun and now we will be coming to Split to not only to football camp but also to share Christ through baseball here as well. God is opening so many doors and opportunities for HiS PRINT to make an impact here and across the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Places I never planned but He knew.

Shannon says things are going great at the handicap facility as well as the nursing home and when I get back to Sisak today, I am driving back there early afternoon, I will have her fill us in on all that is going on. The rest of the coaching staff will remain here and complete the next two days of camp and I will go and get ready for Poland and the baseball camp there we host this next week. God has been so good to us and has continued to go above and beyond were we even thought or imagined as we are reminded he will do in Ephesians 3. We are just wanting to be His faithful followers and ready to go where He opens and leads! Have a wonderful God filled day! And thanks so much for your continued support. From the looks of things we will be having 4 baseball camps in this region by next summer! So any of you dads that want to come and make a difference in young hearts let me know and we will have a place for you. MORE DETAILS LATER I ASSURE YOU. WE ALSO NEED A MAJOR DRIVE FOR EQUIPMENT TO BRING HERE AND SHOWER ON THESE COACHES AND PLAYERS. THAT OPENS THE OPPORTUNITY FOR US TO SHARE WHY WE DO AND WHO WE DO IT FOR!