Croatia Mission 2014 Day 3 (Sunday June 29)

God's Timing and Plans!!

Always the best and worth following!

Sunday was an incredible day of worship and baseball! The sermon you prayed for went better than expected and the joy I had and felt is indescribable. It was the first time I witnessed a tennis match personally at a worship service. By that I mean, to watch people look and hear me and then to turn their heads  and look and listen to Stefan was neat to witness! It was like they were at a tennis match, watching back and forth from speaker to translator. From the reactions during and the words of encouragement shared afterward, I know God's word and truth touched hearts and minds. After I finished preaching and the end of the service, I invited the entire team of HiS PRINT up to the stage with me, to show the brothers and sisters how many people were there to serve, share and encourage the people of Croatia!

After church we came home and had just a little down time prior to going over to the NEST for the baseball game with the Storks! It was their last game of the year and they were playing one of the top teams in the league! Well needless to say we didn't come out on top, but gave it the good 'ole college try! We finished losing 11-8, but mounted a comeback that would have gone down in the history books as one of the greatest! Coach Chris Hill, our HiS PRINT Baseball Director played with them and hit a home run and double as well as pitched the final inning. Coach Jake Baker also played and pitched several innings and kept us in the ball game while we mounted the comeback! Valient effort by those fine old men and although barely walking today, had a great time and the pictures and videos taken show the fun they had! After the game we came back to Janko's and had a wonderful time of praise and worship out in the back pasture in the gazebo. We sang songs and shared what we were each thankful for on this trip. The central theme was being thankful that God brought us all here and for Janko's open heart and home for us to come back year after year. Janko is our brother in Christ who has allowed us to stay here for the past 8 years.

Keep us in your prayers! We had two more people arrive today and will have three more arrive tomorrow! Pray for the travel for the family coming and for those here on the ground moving forward as one unified team of Christ followers marching forward sharing His love!

We the little letter i, along with the strength and love of the H and S, give HiS PRINT the power to declare His name!

Thanks for the prayers!



  1. Enjoying updates and continuing to pray each day for stamina, open hearts, and the many needs you have. God Bless......


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